Becoming a Veterinarian in Australia

What is a Veterinarian?

A veterinarian is a doctor who studies animal health and helps to protect the welfare of animals and people.

To work in this occupation, you must have a strong interest for science, since your training will consist mostly of science-based courseworks in this subject.

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Why should you study VETS?

Help animals
Being a Veterinarian, you possessed the ability to relieve the suffering of animals, performing surgery, and look after the healthcare of animals.

Well-Paid Salary
The average salary for a Veterinarian is ranging from AUD$60,000 per year.

Career Options
Additional career opportunities are available for a Veterinarian such as feed companies wildlife agencies, academic institutions, and veterinary pharmaceutical sales companies.

Animal Dream Job
For animal lovers, they would have a strong interest in pursuing this career path at a young age. Helping and caring for those innocent and helpless animals by providing shelter and food for them.

Alternative Career Options

Veterinary Technician
The Veterinary Technician is an assistant of Veterinary Surgeon, helping during the surgery by passing tools and other tasks. Examine, test, and provide service to animals including performing various physical tests such as gather blood samples, examine pet's ears and eyes and measure the temperature.

Veterinary Consultant
Take care of a pet is not easy, the owner would need to have the essential knowledge about the "do" & "don't" on their own pet. A Veterinary Consultant provides helpful advice and knowledge to the pet's owners, helping them to understand more about their pets.

Veterinary Nurse
A Veterinary Nurse is much similar to Veterinary Technician but Vet Nurse involve in surgery and emergency procedures. A Vet Nurse is qualified to undertake the diagnostic test, medical treatment, and minor surgical procedures.

Education Pathway to study veterinary science

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top universities to study veterinary science

University of Sydney

university of sydney

University of Sydney was founded in 1850 as a public research university. It consists of 9 faculties and provide a wide range of programmes such as bachelor, master, and PhD

QS Ranking 2020:
3rd University in Australia
9th University based on Veterinary Science Programme in the World

Universitity of Melbourne

university of melbourne

University of Melbourne was established in 1853, main campus is located in Parkville. It covers 10 academic units and it was considered as one of the oldest universities that provide excellent service and quality

QS Ranking 2020:
2nd University in Australia
17th University based on Veterinary Science Programme in the World

University of Queensland

university of queensland

University of Queensland was established in 1909, located in Brisbane, Australia.  It was known as one of the Australia’s leading universities for its professionalism and expertise

QS Ranking 2020:
5th University in Australia
33th University based on Veterinary Science Programme in the World

Courses Information for Veterinary Science





Academic Requirements

Indicative Tuition Fee Per Year (2019)

English Requirements (IL)

Scholarship Opportunities (International Student)

University of Sydney

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)


6 Years

Year 12 High School Certificate (UEC/ STPM/ Matriculation)

Prerequisite subjects: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

AUD$52,000 (Bachelor + Doctor)

Total score of 7.0

Up to AUD$10,000 per annum

University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

February & July

7 Years

STPM: 3.30
Matriculation: 3.50

Prerequisite subjects: English, Mathematics, and one of Science Subjects

AUD$43,520 (Bachelor)
+ AUD$68,736 (Doctor)

Total score of 6.5 

Up to AUD$22,000 per annum

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)


5 Years

Year 12 (STPM/ UEC/ Matriculation)

Prerequisite subjects: English, Chemistry, Mathematics B Plus and Physics or Biology.

AUD$66,592 (Bachelor)

Total score of 7.0

Up to AUD$10,000 per annum

Noted: The Informations shown above are listed as General Guide. All these programs are recognized by the Malaysian Veterinary Council. If you wish to know more details, Come Join Us at Our Upcoming Australia Education Fair 2019 to receive Free consultation.

Study in Australia Expo August 2019

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