Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

UK Universities in Malaysia

Why Study at a UK University in Malaysia? Studying at a UK University in Malaysia has become increasingly popular among Malaysian students in recent years as it can provide students with a world-class education that is recognised globally, while also offering the benefits of studying in a multicultural and diverse environment. These branch…
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什么是精算师? 对于喜欢处理数字和研究数据行为的人来说,精算师可以是一个非常理想的职业。随着人们对这一专业的兴趣越来越大,职业机会也越来越多,有志于此的大学生报名深造,已经成为一种蓬勃发展的趋势。因此,在我们深入了解如何在马来西亚成为一名精算师之前,让我们先了解一下这个职业的情况。 精算师是使用数学和统计技能来评估和减少金融风险的专业人士。精算师一般可以在不同的行业工作,包括保险、银行和投资公司,…
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How to be an Actuary in Malaysia

What is an Actuary? Actuarial science can be an ideal profession for individuals who love dealing with numbers and studying the behaviour of the data. With the increasing interest and the vast career opportunities of this profession, it has become a booming trend for aspiring university students to enrol to further their study….
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