As Seen on TV : Study Law based on these series and films

Are you a Law Student or an aspiring Lawyer, feeling a tad bit uninspired and unmotivated? If you are, maybe you can watch some of these recommended legal drama series and films as a way of motivating yourself to persevere in the competitive field of Law. What is Law? First order of business,…
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5 TV Shows Aspiring Lawyers Should Binge-Watch

Law has historically been regarded as a rather prestigious career choice, so, naturally, it is among one of the most in-demand university degrees around the world. Many students also choose to do a law conversion degree after getting an unrelated bachelor’s degree.  Students are inspired to go into law to help people, and…
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How to become a Lawyer in Malaysia?

What is a Lawyer? Ah, Lawyers! They resemble superheroes, except rather than wearing capes, they dress in suits (and occasionally gowns!). What precisely do they do then? Lawyers are experts in the legal field who advise and represent clients in a range of legal situations. They assist people and organisations in navigating the…
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