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Best Design Schools in Canada

Are you a creative and innovative person? Do you have an artistic mind that loves to be challenged? Do you wish to use arts to make society easier, safer and more enjoyable?  If you answered yes to the questions above, a degree in Design would most definitely favour you! Let’s dig a little…
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Scholarships for International Students in Canada for 2022

A nation that has been named as the 3rd best country in the world for education, Canada is one of the most desirable student destinations for international students. The best thing about this destination is that you get world-class education at a comparatively affordable cost. Moreover, with the variety of scholarship options they…
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Top Universities to Study Engineering in Canada 2022

If you’re someone who loves to figure out how things work by using practicality and scientific discoveries, a career in Engineering might just be what you’re looking for. What is Engineering? Engineering uses the application of both science and maths to solve real life programs. Engineering is a key element in building the…
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