Study Software Engineering in Australia

The advancement of technology has become immense as we move forward every year. Smartphones, shopping apps and smart devices are evolving and are transforming the way we live. Almost every industry is relying heavily on well-built software to perform businesses more efficiently and highly-skilled software engineers play huge roles in making these transformations…
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Top Private Universities to Study Software Engineering in Malaysia 2020

Have you ever wondered when and how the term “Software Engineering” derives from? In the 1960s, Margaret Hamilton, American computer scientist and systems engineer, invented the term “software engineering” while developing the guidance and navigation systems for the Apollo missions. She felt that software developers earned the right to be called engineers and…
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Computer Science vs Software Engineering: What are the differences?

The rise in technology makes a smartphone no longer a luxury thing to own but it is a necessity to make life and work easier. Not only that, many people including big corporations around the globe are depending on computers and technology for meetings, work and projects.   According to the United States of…
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