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说到商务、做生意,其实不仅仅只是产品、金钱以及客户这么简单。商务这个词背后本身存在着一连串的专业和主修,而每一项专业都有着不同的责任以及目标。 而今天就让我们来看看8项在学生群中最受欢迎的商科主修 — 并从中选出最适合你的主修。 会计学 Accounting 关于会计学:你将学习到如何收集、分类、综合、分析、解释并管理财务报表,准备财务文件以及管理业务运营。 职业前景: 会计师 审计师…
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Best Business Schools in Malaysia

This is the time for you to invest in the all-time flexible qualification — a business degree. COVID-19 started off as a health crisis, and within a blink of an eye turned into a global economic crisis that caught us off guard. Studying business will give you the insights on how the economy…
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