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The Future of Design in Malaysia

Design’s impact on your life is much more prominent than you think. From having a clear and user-friendly interface on your favourite digital platforms to the comfortability of the bed you sleep on in your room, design has everything to do with ensuring you are able to live comfortably and efficiently. This also…
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Fashion Degrees & Courses in Malaysia

The fashion industry is a multibillion global sector involving the design, manufacture, production, promotion and retailing of all styles of clothing, from designer brands to affordable daily wear. The word “fashion” can be described as the style of clothing or accessories worn for a certain period of time by a group of people….
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Everything you Need to Know to Become a Graphic Designer in Malaysia

Have you had the knack of just scribbling and doodling while studying or even when you’re listening to a lecture? Many of us push those silly doodling aside and pursue something much more serious for our tertiary education. But do you know, according to Malaysia’s critical occupational list 2020, graphic designers were among…
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