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What should I study: Marketing or Advertising?

What is Marketing? Marketing refers to the broad range of activities that a company undertakes to attract and engage an audience for its products or services. It encompasses all the strategies and tactics employed to communicate the value and benefits of a product or service to potential customers. The primary objective of Marketing…
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CLP vs BPTC Malaysia

What is CLP and BPTC? The choice between the CLP and the BPTC can appear daunting, with Law graduates frequently pondering which path to pursue to advance their legal careers and how their decision will affect them. Permit us to shed light on the available options and their potential impact on your legal…
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The 10 Best High-Paying Jobs in The Future

The future potential job demand and salary is one of the criteria that students look for when choosing the course to study. With the rapidly changing technology landscape, the job market is so different from how it was many years ago. When it comes to choosing a career, you should consider the occupations…
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