Top 5 Universities to Study Accounting and Finance in Malaysia 2020

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Think you can handle calculation well enough? Here are some lists of the Top 5 Universities to study Accounting and Finance in Malaysia 2020. Truth be told, it is not a simple task to study accounting and finance courses in universities, you may find it to be stressful and frustrated during the process but in the end, you will realize that the effort is worth it.

What is Accounting and Finance?

Accounting and Finance is related to the concept of money, business and management that concentrated on information analysis about financial transactions of a business. The duty of an accountant is to compound and finalize the financial data into a complete financial statement that will be used by other parties such as stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government, agencies, and other stakeholders for business purpose. Accounting and finance shared similar concept, therefore, we’ll be listing the general courses and requirements down below as a general overview and guidance.

Did you know? The financial sector is considered as one of the profitable sectors in Malaysia (13% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product). Over 7.8 million of accountants existed currently and the demand is going up rapidly. Choosing the right university is important equal to having the passion to study accounting and finance. While looking for the best university, all factors needed to put into consideration such as the reputation, facilities, location, pricing, experience, culture and the general environment.

What makes a good accountant?

Good analytical skill

A good accountant must possess the ability to gather data, analyze information, problem-solve, and make decisions. Transforming a pile of data into a sensible information is crucial as the knowledge gathered shows the overall financial health of a business. These useful knowledge allows the business to take further action and make wise decisions.

High level of numeracy

Numeracy is vital for individuals to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in their daily activities. In business, a small error on calculation is able to cause tremendous amount of damage to an organization. Therefore,  having high precision and speed in numeracy proven to be important for an accountant.

Management skills

No matter what your career field, management skills are crucial in propelling the company’s mission and vision which involve planning, decision-making, implementing, and time management. Even though not all people are born with leadership skills, some will be able to obtain it through experience and hardship.

General Qualifications

In order to enter into Accounting and Finance courses, you will generally need:

  • SPM/O-Level: Minimum 5Cs including Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and English
  • SPM/O-Level: Minimum 3Cs including English and Mathematic; or
  • Certificate: Equivalent in relevant field
Bachelor’s Degree
  • SPM: Scored credit in Mathematics and passed English, and
  • STPM: Passed with a minimum of CGPA of 2.0, or
  • Foundation or Diploma: Above CGPA of 2.0
Master’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Equivalent in relevant field

Note: The information displayed above may vary between universities, colleges, and institutions.

1. University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham Malaysia earns its best score in the academic reputation indicator, plus also scored an astounding score for its proportion of international students. University of Nottingham is located in Semenyih, Selangor.

Finance, Accounting and Management BSc (Hons)
General Intake: February and September
Indicative fee of 3-years (Full-time) (2019): RM111,000

Professional Accountancy MSc
General Intake: February (Part-time), September (Full-time)
Indicative fee of 1-year (Full-time) (2019): RM49,500

2. Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus has a great reputation and achieved ‘Tier 6: Outstanding’ rating in the Discipline-Based Rating System, an excellent platform for students to learn and growth. It is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting & Finance
General Intake: March & August
Indicative fee of 3-years (Full-time) (2019): RM99,900

3. Monash University

Monash University is known as one of the best universities that offers the finest facilities and equipment for newcomers. The university achieved 59th rank in the QS World Ranking 2018/2019 and located in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Bachelor of Accounting
General Intake: February
Indicative fee of 3-years (Full-time) (2019): RM111,300

4. Multimedia University (MMU)

Multimedia University (MMU) founded in 1996. It is located in Melaka, Cyberjaya, it hosts 9 faculties and 19 research centres. Winning the Asia Pacific MSC IT & Telecommunication Award (APMITTA) in 2002.

Diploma in Finance
General Intake: Enquire Now
Indicative fee of 2-years (Full-time) (2019): RM21,600

Bachelor of Accounting
General Intake: Enquire Now
Indicative fee of 4-years (Full-time) (2019): RM66,240

5. INTI International University

INTI International University founded in 1986, successfully established additional campus in Subang, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Sabah. The University is located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Diploma in Accounting
General Intake: January, April, and August
Indicative fee of 2-years (Full-time) (2019): RM19,982


Bachelor of Accountancy
General Intake: January, May, and August
Indicative fee of 4-years (Full-time) (2019): RM49,260

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