10 Tips To Get Accepted Into a Top-Ranked University

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Tens of thousands of students from all over the world apply to the Top-Ranked Universities each year. Getting into a dream university can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Besides scoring impressive GPA or GCE A-level results, they also look at a bunch of other things you do to get a spot in their highly-coveted institutions. Here are some tips for students striving to get into the Top-Ranked University of their dreams.

Curious to know what other factors they consider?

1. Score high in IGCSE/SPM

It is never too early to start preparing from IGCSE, SPM or O-Levels equivalent; and every good grade matters. As IGCSE/SPM are high school completion examinations, gaining excellent results in them show consistency in your ability to do well in studies and therefore act as an indicator of your future achievements.

2. Pick the right combination of subjects

It is essential to choose the right combination of STPM or A-Level subjects, as some degrees require you to have completed prerequisite units. For instance, if you want to study MBBS (Medicine), Chemistry is compulsory; and Physics is required for Engineering studies. Most degree courses would have prerequisite subjects, so make sure to cover the bases of your targeted field.

3. Choose high-valued courses

Core academic subjects are usually higher considerable than other subjects. Mathematics, Sciences, Economics and History will always be seen as important units by universities.

4. Develop as a person and stand out through extra-curricular activities

One of the more well-known ways to get into the Top-Ranked Ivy League University is through sports. Research has shown that it can increase your chances of admission by 400%! While this may be an avenue for athletic people, the bottom line is that you must be a proven disciplined and dedicated member of a uniformed body. This can include any noteworthy activities you do: visual arts, music, dance, theatre, school newspaper, computer programming, chess club, building robots, speech and debate, etc. The trick is to make your favourite activity sound like a prestigious accomplishment. For Australia Group of Eight universities, students who spend time honing activities related to their careers are very much welcomed. For example, if you are interested in Computer Science, you may want to get engaged on projects related to programming.

5. Write an excellent personal statement

Your essay or personal statement should reflect your personality. Without seeing the school officials, this is the only way they can get to know you beyond your results. Be yourself, but keep in mind to keep your essay or personal statement succinct and easy to understand. In a personal statement – be clear on why have you chosen the course and your understanding of what the course and career mean to you.

6. Be well prepared for an interview

A small percentage of applicants get tested in interviews. If a University interviews you, it usually means they consider you a serious candidate. During the interview, make sure to highlight your strengths, without sounding like you’re boasting of course. If you are feeling nervous about this, practice your interview beforehand with your tutors.

7. Get good referral

In the instance that your reference is submitted by your school you must provide as many details as possible to the tutors in charge of all the activities that you have taken part in, including any positions of responsibilities. Get a teacher who can write about all the great things you did for their class.

8. Do well on the admission tests

A small percentage of applicants usually get over excited about the chosen program without knowing the detail of it. An admission test is good opportunity to re-discover what student can expect in the next 3 – 5 years of their education. For example, the student might not aware that they have to examine pig or horse in the veterinary program.

9. Volunteer and arrange work observation placements

Some universities in the UK are very keen to find out whether the applicants are passionate into their chosen program. A referral or certification through participation in volunteering activities will improve the odds of getting into the top Universities. Whatever that activity may be, put all of your genuine effort in it! And while you are at it, gain some work experience as well to bring some background of hands-on learning to your profile.

10. Don’t just apply for one university, apply more

This is basic, no further explanation required. Apply more and apply early!


Aside from academics, the well-rounded approach to teaching provides the highest standards of education and support to make the best of their experience in school. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that will develop their leadership, teamwork, and personal effectiveness.

It’s time to prepare for your bright future and fulfil your dream of entering a Top-Ranked Ivy League University. 

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