4 Reasons How Studying Overseas Will Change Your Life

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Studying overseas is not just because of a piece of paper called a cert. You can complete that in your own country. What makes studying overseas so exclusive, along with access to high-quality education in some cases, is the whole foreign experience and adjusting to a new place and culture far away from home. This will transform your life in ways more than you can imagine, and before you realise you are a different person altogether. You may not be able to see those transformations, but some of your close friends and family members who meet you after you have spent time studying overseas, and you will discover what I mean.

Four of the main and most positive ways in which studying overseas will transform your life are:

1.  You’ll learn how to live independently.

When a person like me moves to a new country, oblivious to the ways and customs of living on their own, things do not always come easily. From cleaning the house to cooking your own meals, staying on top of studies while finding part-time work and maintaining cash flow – you have got to grips with all these aspects, fast! In many ways, learning how to live independently is fun. It might not always seem this way, but when you do start taking care of everything, your life becomes more organised and disciplined.

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2.  You learn to respect foreign cultures

While studying overseas, you meet people not only from the host country but also from other countries, who are equally energetic, ambitious and motivated as you. International students have the opportunity to find friends and colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds. And that’s where you not only learn more about new cultures, but you also start to really them. It also develops a strong international network, which will definitely come handy in the later stage of your career.

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3.  You begin to think outside the box

For many people, the decision to study overseas is itself a big challenge. They may have never looked far beyond their own neighbourhood, and always spent life in their comfort zone. Studying overseas means breaking all the walls, as you will be experiencing challenges that you have never imagined before. This is important to boost your future chances in the employment market, and at the same time this confidence allows you to think outside the box

4.  You get new perspectives of life

We’ve all heard a lot of things about every country, culture and religion. But to be honest we have never come close to experiencing most of them. So why do we judge them? You never think of such a question, because you are used to it unless you start seeing the world from a different perspective, and that can only happen when you are exposed to new experiences. For example, a friend from Vietnam recently moved to Australia. Someone had told him that he might not adjust to the new culture and people may not like him. Guess what? Three months into life in Australia, he has been enjoying a good job and regular weekend parties. When you actually experience something first-hand, you get a whole new perspective and most of the time that’s different from your comfort zone – as long as you have an open-minded.

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