After SPM: What’s Next?

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One of your biggest exams, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, also known as SPM is done! There are so many things to plan now and might become overwhelming & confusing. 2 essential things that need to be considered thoroughly are the course and the college/university. Here, we provide a handy list of things that hopefully can simplify your options and can find the one that suits you the best!

Finding the right course

There are several aspects that might influence your course choice. Different people may be influenced by different things. So let’s get deeper into it one by one.

1. Know your hobby(ies)

Spent some time to observe what you enjoy to do the most in your spare time. You might find what area you’re interested in better. For instance, if you like to read books related to entrepreneurship and some man’s successful stories, you might be inspired to follow their steps by pursuing a degree in business first. 

Another example, if you like to watch law-related tv-shows/movies like Suits, Law and Order, or binge-watching Legally Blonde, you might be interested in pursuing a law degree On the other if you’re more excited with tv-shows related to medicine such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, or Chicago Med, you might probably have an interest into the medical world.

2. Career opportunities

If you are the type of person that likes to plan everything ahead and clearly, you might want to dig in more research on what courses lead to a more rewarding career in the future. In 2020, the Australian Government released the official data for top employing industries which include Healthcare and social assistance, Professional and Scientific Services, and Education and Training.

3. Find something you’re good at

Different than hobbies, which is something that you like to do, other things that can be your consideration is by looking at something that you’re actually good at. Other than being realistic, it can be easier for you to follow the things that you already know the basics beforehand. For example, you’re good at math and dealing with money, maybe accounting can be your course options. Another example, you’re good at listening to other’s problems and can give a really helpful solution, a degree in psychology might be perfect for you.

Finding the right program & university

After you are down with several options of study areas, you are now entitled to choose the perfect programs out of plenty of programs available out there. Knowing the one that suits you the best might be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to give you a rough idea of some of the most popular pre-university programs in Malaysia.



Indicative Fee (2020)

Taylor’s University

Local: RM 35,690

International: RM 48,533

Sunway University

Local: RM 34,900

International: RM 37,170

HELP University 

3 Subjects: RM 28,000

4 Subjects: RM 35,000

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Indicative Fee (2020)

Sunway University

RM 28,880


RM 14,000

SAM (1)


Indicative Fee (2020)

INTI College & University (SAM)

RM 24,000

Taylor’s University (SACE)

RM 36,806



Indicative Fee (2020)

Monash University

RM 31,580

University of Nottingham Malaysia


  • Local: RM 27,000
  • International: RM 31,800


  • Local: RM 15,600
  • International: RM 19,000

Curtin University

Local: RM 17,100

International: RM 25,768



Indicative Fee (2020)

Asia Pacific University


  • Local: RM 41,500
  • International: RM 46,000


  • Local: RM 36,500
  • International: RM 45,000

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Local: RM 36,500
  • International: RM 46,000

Information Technology

  • Local: RM 44,900
  • International: RM 46,000

SEGi University & College

Mass Communication: RM 38,300

Business/Computing: RM 36,000

Early Childhood: RM 14,600

Culinary Art: RM 41,900

Tourism Management: RM 35,650

Taylor’s University

Communication / Interior Design / IT:

  • Local: RM 48,400
  • International: RM 66,098


  • Local: RM 48,000
  • International: RM 66098

Culinary Art:

  • Local: RM 55,000
  • International: RM 68,869

Tourism Management

  • Local: RM 48,000
  • International: RM 75,061

We hope by now you might have an idea for your plan after receiving your SPM results! If you need more information regarding the programs and universities mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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