Top 5 Architectural Universities in Malaysia 2019

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Have you ever been fascinated by the beautiful structures of buildings? Do you question yourself about how the building structure works or how aesthetically, symmetrically pleasing the building looks like? Well, perhaps Architecture should be a program that you should be considering! 

Difference Between Architect & Interior Designer

Architects and interior designers rely on similar skills and technique to develop their design plans, but they use their skills to perform different design functions. The primary difference between them is surrounding on what they design. Architects design buildings, while interior designers use furniture, fixtures and other accessories to create a desired look and function for spaces inside a building. 

Job TitleMedian Salary (2018)Job Outlook (2014-2024)
ArchitectRM 7,6937%
Interior DesignerRM 4,9814%

The information listed above was captured base on the publicly available information on the internet. Please consult with our education advisor for further assessment.


Responsibilities of an Architect vs. an Interior Designer

Architects are responsible for the functionality and structure of a building while Interior designers bring things into a space to make it functional or appealing. They choose things like furniture and arrange the materials that are used to design rooms. Architects and interior designers both need to be familiar with building codes, their client’s needs and the project budget.

Architect (Bachelor of Science (Architecture)

To become an architect in Malaysia, a Board of Architects Malaysia (also known as Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM)) accredited bachelor’s degree is necessary, follow by an accredited internship with registered architect firm and pass a professional LAM paper. An annual registration fee for the amount of RM 500.00 with RM 100.00 for processing fee is required.

Architects develop design plans for various types of spaces and buildings. They need good analytical and problem-solving skills so that they can develop design plans that fit the client’s needs and budget while also adhering to building codes. Their creative and artistic talents enable them to come up with new and original designs.

Job responsibilities of an architect include:

  • Review project needs
  • Attend meetings with clients
  • Prepare a design proposal and budget plan
  • Review building codes and applicable regulations
  • Finalise contracts with construction crews and contractors

Interior Designer (Bachelor of Interior Architecture)

To become an interior designer in Malaysia, an relevant bachelor’s degree is recommended, according to Architect Act 1967, any person who is a corporate member of the ‘Institut Perekabentuk Dalaman Malaysia’ or the Malaysian Society of Interior Designers or has obtained a qualification which the Board considers to be equivalent, thereto shall be entitled on application to be registered as an Interior Designer. An annual registration fee for the amount of RM 400.00 with RM 100.00 for processing fee is required.

Interior designers are creative professionals who use their artistic sense to determine how to set up an interior space. Interior designers work hours can vary and they may be obliged to make their schedule flexible, depending on the needs of their clients. In addition to creative and artistic talents, they need to be able to pay close attention to details and possess strong communication skills.

Job responsibilities of an interior designer include:

  • Meet with potential clients
  • Prepare project design proposals
  • Present a project budget to clients
  • Secure materials needed for projects
  • Modify their design to fit the budget and needs of the client

Registration of Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM)

In Malaysia, being an architect means being recognised by the Board of Architects (also known as Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM)). The architecture profession in Malaysia is protected by the law. The Board of Architects brings order to the entire profession starting from the definition of an architect under the Malaysia Constitution, licensing, practice, acts and the enactments followed by education. Hence, architects in Malaysia must reach a certain requirement to have a certain level of certification that is governed by LAM. These requirements are known as LAM Part I, II and III. 

By making sure, the universities have to accredited by LAM which supported by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) as they frequently assess schools once every 5 years in order to maintain the standard of education in architecture. A university without accreditation from LAM doesn’t allow graduated students of Architecture to practice architectural in Malaysia as they are very strict with their policy. 

In other words, graduates who obtained their Degrees in Architecture from programme/s other than the ones listed below will be required to appear for the LAM Part I and Part II Examination conducted by the Architectural Examination Council of the Board. A full set of learning portfolio and other relevant information has to be produced to the Architectural Examination Council Malaysia. Graduates who obtained the qualifications in architecture from the relevant universities/institutions listed above or after passing the LAM Part I and II Examination are eligible to register as Graduate Architect with the Board of Architects Malaysia.

Furthermore, if you want to become a Professional Architect or Lecturer of Architect, you can either go through professional paper LAM Part III or undertake a PhD in Architecture. 

List of Accredited Architecture Universities in Malaysia

Graduates who obtained the qualifications in architecture from the universities/institutions listed below are eligible to register as Graduate Architect with the Board of Architects Malaysia (source:, Aug 2018)

Universities / InstitutionsProgram / Course Fee (2018)Recognition
Taylor’s University 
School of Architecture, Building & Design
B. of Science (Honours) (Architecture)
RM38,980 per year
Part I
Master of ArchitecturePart II
UCSI University Kuala LumpurBachelor of Science (Honours) in Architectural Technology
RM24,402 per year
Part I
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architecture
RM24,402 per year
Part I
Infrastructure University Kuala LumpurBachelor of Science (Architectural Studies)
RM23,933 per year
Part I
LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT)Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies)
RM25,033 per year
Part I
City UniversityB. Sc. (Hons) (Architectural Design)
RM19,920 per year
Part I

The program listed are provided as a general guide only, the course fees were captured base on the publicly available information on the internet. Please consult with our education advisor for further assessment.

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