Best Indoor Activity Ideas During Self-Quarantine

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“I’m bored.”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

“Netflix? Again??”

“I feel so…lifeless.”


Well, how many times have you repeated those phrases for these past few days?

Ever since the case of COVID-19 has been announced as a pandemic, everyone is advised and encouraged to stay indoors and limit outdoor activities. I’m pretty sure at first everyone freaked out but at the same time was excited to get to stay at home longer than we normally do. We looked forward to doing things at home that maybe we have been putting on hold, especially the house chores (including the Netflix series). 

But now? Everyone is at the point where staying at home feels suffocating and…boring. Including the ones that love being at home with their cozy sofa and television, embracing their personal bubbles.

It’s that point in our lives where we have come to realise how lucky we had been our whole lives to be able to live normally, making contact and communicating with other people, even go out travelling without having to worry about being infected by any kind of virus. 

Have we taken it for granted all this while?

Maybe yes for some, maybe no for others.

This doesn’t mean we should stop living our lives and stop searching for new excitement for ourselves. The only difference is that this time, we are doing it indoors and at home.

Let’s see what we can do when we’re stuck at home.

Best Indoor Activity Idea #1

Pick Up Where You Left


Remember the books you bought last month that have been there on your shelf waiting to be picked up? Or maybe the book that has been lying on your bedside which you read once but stopped halfway because life and commitment got in the way?

Maybe you can start there.

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush and the comfort of reading a book in your house, without any kind of interruption. This is the time where you feed your mind with nothing other than tons of books.

Or if you have no book left to read, I have good news for you! The National Library is offering free books you can read online at home! You can take a look at it here: 

You can also visit this website to get access to ebooks and there is also audiobook for those who really enjoy listening instead of reading from the book itself!

Best Indoor Activity Idea #2

Sweat in The House


A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

I know a lot of us feel unhealthy and unproductive because we have been staying at home and watching netflix (even working at home staring at the computer) which logically speaking is far from a healthy lifestyle. I know.

So why not we try something new? Something that feels like home;


It’s the trend these days for people to come in and out of gymnasiums, that’s practically the norm now. Well then why not this time we go into yoga-ing? You can basically do it at home, in your room or your living room, you don’t have to run or lift heavy weights, but you can still sweat as much. Interesting and convenient at once.

Here’s a good place to start your yoga journey: 

Best Indoor Activity Idea #3

Go On Virtual Tours


Virtual tour, what’s that? 

Virtual Tour: A real-life simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images.

Yes. you can go to places, beautiful places at that, virtually. And- and for free!

Isn’t this the perfect time for you to try this out and be amazed by the scenery and beauty of places that you have never been to before?

You will have many choices to choose from, whether it’s a park or a museum or even underwater experience. Pick one then you’re ready to embark on a new journey, from your home! Sounds impossible?

Well, prepare to be awed by the pictures here:

And the videos here: 

Best Indoor Activity Idea #4

Get Creative


Humans, we need to see and experience things for us to be inspired and for us to learn something new. Staying indoors for a really long time can affect your imagination and creativity. 

How can you cope with that during the self-quarantine period?

You draw. You think of something and you draw. You feel something and you draw.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at drawing or you know nothing about drawing. Trust me when I say our hands are all equally artistic in their own way. Art is never just about one thing, it’s about all the things.

Try it today once and see what your hands are capable of. You’ll be surprised how your mind and your hands work together on a piece of paper. You can thank me later!

Best Indoor Activity Idea #5

Take Up A Short Online Course


Have to skip schools and classes? Afraid of not being able to catch up? 

Students especially, might be worried about taking time off from school for a long time. This is because they are going to need to speed up once the school reopens to catch up with the missed lessons due to the self-quarantine.

Don’t worry, with the internet you will never be a step behind.

Need to work your mind off and exercise your brain at home?

Take short online courses! You will be offered various lessons and with just once click, you can attend classes online! You will not only be acquiring new knowledge, your brain will remain active as well.

Check out the courses here:

Best Indoor Activity Idea #6

Spring Cleaning


My favorite time of the month is when I have the opportunity to clean and redecorate my room.

When was the last time you took a look at your room? By taking a look, I mean observing your room. Like; 

How clean is your room? What is the position of your bed, at the center of the room or corner of the room? Do you like how your closet looks like beside the windows? Where did you put your books and documents? When did you put the carpet there?

And how long have they been in that condition?

Time to spring-clean? Uh-huh, it’s about time.

This is the time for you to take your own sweet time to clean and move your stuff around to have a fresher look for your room!

Need ideas? Find them here:

Best Indoor Activity Idea #7

Watch Broadway Musicals


Never been to a broadway musical? Figured that it’s time to explore something new and interesting?

You’re here at the right time! I save the best for the last. It’s time to introduce a new type of entertainment to you and your friends!

Broadway Musicals Online!

BroadwayHD has wide collections of Broadway Musicals on its website for people to experience the joy of Broadway. You can browse the different categories including the Broadway Classics, Shakespeare, Vintage and many more. Now you don’t even need to step out of the house to see people singing, acting and dancing on stage!

You can start experiencing it for free for 7-days trial!

Start here:

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