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Rule #1: “if it’s expensive it must be good quality and if it’s low cost it must be low quality” While this formula works for 90% of the products you are buying, it is not the same when choosing an education in Australia. If you are looking at completing your undergraduate business degree in Australia, we can highly recommend a Bachelor of Business Program at Kaplan Business School Australia (KBS).

At a glance

ProgramBachelor of Business
IntakeMarch, July and November of each year
Tuition fee per-subjectAUD $2150
Entry requirementsSTPM, A-Levels, AUSMAT, other relevant Pre-University Qualification
Campus locationMelbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide
Total subjects to study24 subjects
Total duration to complete24 months / 2 years (3 semesters in a year)
Why study here?> Guaranteed internship for international students
> Generous scholarships available
> Flexible degree with great choices of specialisation

For more information on tuition fee, entry requirements, course options and scholarship opportunity at KBS, you can connect with Excel Education

Nestled in 4 locations in Australia which includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, KBS offers international student the opportunity to either study your entire program in a particular city or experience the best of both worlds where you get to study a couple of semesters in Sydney and finish the rest in Melbourne (or Adelaide and Brisbane).

The founder – Stanley Kaplan (where the name Kaplan was derived from) was providing tutor to students in his parents ’ basement in New York, USA in 1938, saw a golden opportunity to offer students with excellent teaching quality combined with solid industry experience (internship, work placement, etc.) and since then the expansion of Kaplan have spread across the globe with over 400 locations in 30 countries which includes Australia, UK, Singapore and many other locations!

Kaplan Business School is also a ‘global’ institution where you get to study with students from over 90 nationalities. With a diverse range of nationality mix, KBS do not compromise on the learning experience where each class has only an average of 25 students. However the cream of the crop of studying here is that they offer 100% guaranteed internship where over 300 careers enriched through the services provided by KBS Careers Central.

When it comes to good value for money, we would like to show you a quick comparison of the huge savings you will be enjoying when you study at KBS

Melbourne University at a glance:

ProgramBachelor of Commerce
Duration6 semesters or 3 years
Tuition fee per-subjectAUD $5364
Tuition fee per-annumAUD $42,912
Total Tuition FeeAUD $128,736
Living expenses per-yearAUD $20,000
Total living expensesAUD$ 60,000
Total cost to completeAUD $188,736

For more information on tuition fee, entry requirements, course options and scholarship opportunity at Melbourne University, you can connect with Excel Education

On the other hand, studying in Kaplan Business School

ProgramBachelor of Business
Duration6 semesters or 2 years (offering 3 semesters in a year)
Tuition fee per-subject
AUD $2150
Tuition fee per-annum
AUD $17,200
Total Tuition Fee
AUD $51,600
Living expenses per-year
AUD $20,000
Total living expenses
AUD$ 40,000 (complete the program in 2 years)
Total cost to complete
AUD $91,600

For more information on tuition fee, entry requirements, course options and scholarship opportunity at Kaplan Business School, you can connect with Excel Education

Folks, as you can see by completing a business degree at Kaplan Business School versus a conventional/traditional University, you will be able to save up to AUD $97,136! (Think of putting down a deposit for a new home instead)

Aside from the huge amount of tuition fee savings, Kaplan Business School also offers very generous credit exemption for students whom have completed a Diploma or Undergraduate program in your home country. For instance, if you have completed a Diploma of Business from Sunway University College, Taylors University College, etc. you will be able to receive up to 8 subject exemption to reduce your study length to just 16 subjects (you can finish the program within 18 months).

What specialisation do they offer in the Bachelor of Business program?

At the beginning of the degree, all students will need to complete the ‘fundamental’ business knowledge which includes basics accounting, management, marketing, etc. When you are progressing deeper into your degree, you will be allowed to choose your major which includes:

Tourism Management

For more information on the differences between each specialisation/major and the career outcome for the Bachelor of Business, you can connect with Excel Education

Do they provide scholarship to international students?

If you categorise yourself as a high achiever or a good merit student with excellent academic results prior to studying at Kaplan Business School. You can now receive up to 30% scholarship through the KBS High Achievers Scholarship Program to reduce your tuition fees to just AUD $36120 for the entire program. For more information on scholarship availability and application requirement, connect with Excel Education.

Can I work while studying at Kaplan Business School?

International students studying in Australia are allowed to work up to 20 hours per-week during study period and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break/holiday. KBS is the only institution in Australia which offers 100% internship guarantee to international students. Through the KBS Careers Central, 51% of students have been placed for an internship in 2017 and they were subsequently offered ongoing employment when they complete their degree.

What can I do after completing my degree at Kaplan Business School?

Unlike our friendly neighbours in the UK and USA, Australia offers international student the opportunity to seek full time employment after completing your undergraduate or postgraduate studies through the Post-Study Work Graduate Visa. In short, depending on what studies you have completed, you will get the opportunity to receive a valid work visa (think of work permit) which is the length of 2 to 4 years. This will allow you sufficient time to gain some real-life work experience in the Australian workforce (working with Aussies mate!).

Have we got your attention?

If you are considering to study at Kaplan Business School or any other institution in Australia, you can now get an opportunity to meet one-to-one with a representative through participating in the ‘Study in Australia World Tour 2019

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Event Details

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Time: 12pm – 4pm (Registration begins at 11.30am)
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RSVP: Free-of-charge, registration essential for catering purposes


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