Free On-Demand Online Short Courses (Torrens University, Australia)

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About Torrens University

Established in 2012, Torrens’ place in Laureate International Universities ensures that their students graduate with more than just a degree; they graduate from the largest education network in the world, ready to take on whatever challenge gets in their way.

Offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of disciplines, these courses are delivered through their incredible family of schools and a prestigious array of collaborations; leading institutions that all boast strong links to industry in Australia and overseas.

Torrens University’s campuses span across Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Wherever possible, they also offer courses online to provide convenient access to students.

*Laureate Education, Inc. is the largest international network of degree-granting higher education institutions, with more than 850,000 students enrolled at over 25 institutions with more than 150 campuses, which is collectively referred to as the Laureate International Universities network.

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About Free On-Demand Short Courses

With 47 on-demand short courses on board, from today until the end of the year, they can be accessed entirely free of charge.

The on-demand short courses provided are catered for those who want to further their education, but struggle to find the time to commit to a full-time study. A variety of topic areas can be accessed online including the ones that are aligned with current and future industry demands. 

About the content :

  • A short one hour session
  • Comprised of written content, videos and quizzes
  • Developed by experienced industry professionals
  • Designed to help you hone specific industry skills
  • Entirely flexible – accessible anywhere and anytime.

These courses are specifically made relevant and applicable to your career from day one. Plus, if you’re interested in pursuing further study with Torrens University, these short courses can contribute towards a degree, diploma or micro-credential at Torrens University Australia.

Why complete Short Courses with Torrens University?

No Entry Requirement

Looking at the economy, not everybody has the time or finances to complete a degree, so the short courses offer alternatives to dedicated and driven individuals with or without current qualifications.


The courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime, whenever it is convenient for you. You are allowed to take each short course at your own pace, and if you want, you can always come back for more.

Industries Key Players

Torrens University Australia proudly collaborates with the key players across industries, ensuring that everything you learn will be valuable and useful; not just theoretically but practically as well.

What are the Short Courses?

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2. Finance and Operations

8. Project Management

To browse all the courses, you can visit And if you have any issues logging in, you can access an instructional video here.

For more information, you can Contact Torrens University Australia or you can Contact Us

Get in touch with us now to receive the Coupon Code to access all the short courses for FREE!

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