How Can I Become a Cybersecurity Expert?

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The rapid development in technology, globalisation and automation have led to a change in demand in future careers. In the next decade, there will be many obsolete jobs due to this change in the way we people deal with transaction. For instance, many fast food kiosks like Mac Donald’s are now replacing service counter staff member with computerised kiosk and tablets. This has led to the golden question by many – what should you study now which can lead to a great career in the future?

According to a survey conducted by Robert Walter’s (one of the world’s largest job recruiter) opportunities will arise in the IT sector as roles in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT) and cyber security specialist will be highly sought after by employers in the future. Cyber security or better known as network security experts has become more prominent over the past decade and will continue to play an important role in future as more and more people uses the internet to accomplish various task. 

Year-on-year cybercrimes such as cyber heist and phishing scams have become more severe where a recent survey has reported that cybercrime has cost the global economy around $450 billion in 2016. We believe that now, more than ever, people need to be trained in cybersecurity as experts predict that by 2020, cybercrime will cost the global economy $3 trillion.

System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

What do you do as a network security expert?

A career in network security or cyber security requires certain attributes such as great attention to details and passion in software programming skills. 

You will handle large amounts of data and implement various security measures to protect business intelligences as well as sensitive information of your clients, employees and databases. Some other prominent roles include ensuring all cyber security measures are up-to-date, monitoring company-wide security practices, and implementing up-to-date cyber security strategies to overcome future threats.

Relevant education background leading to become a network security expert includes completing a qualification in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Website Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. If you ever change your mind of not wanting to become a network security expert, these qualifications can also lead into various careers such as data analytics, database administrator, IT consulting, etc. 

A career in network security professionals demands a good pay package of over AUD$80,000 per-annum and this figure increases between 12-18% per-annum as the trend towards digitalisation meant that professionals with digital expertise were in high demand across the globe.

How can I get this qualification to be a network security expert? 

There are various ways to attain this qualification depending if you are seeking for an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree (known as Masters). 

If you have recently completed high school or other relevant foundation qualification (Diplomas, A-Levels, IB programs, etc.) and seeking for an undergraduate program we highly recommend checking out the Bachelor of Information Technology program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

At a glance: 


University of Technology Sydney   (UTS)


Sydney, Australia


Bachelor of Science in   Information Technology


Data analytics, enterprise   systems development, interaction design, internetworking and applications


3 Years (6 Semester)

Tuition   Fee

AUD$40,000 per-annum (Indicative   for 2019)


February or July each year

Why   UTS?

Known as Australia’s Number 1   Young University in the latest QS   Rankings UTS is known for producing the best tech savvy IT   graduates. 

The location of the campus which   is minutes away from global tech giants such as Facebook, Google, CISCO and   Apple also provide students the opportunity to gain internship while   completing their degree

The Information Technology   International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships are valued at $5000 and   it is offered to international students who meet the eligibility criteria

This course offers adopts a   practice-based approach to IT education and the course content is a mix of   theory and practice. Employers look for graduates with industry experience   and in this course, students are exposed to real IT problems

To find out more information on course entry requirements, scholarship   opportunities and program details, simply connect with Excel Education

If you have completed an undergraduate qualification and searching for a postgraduate program to acquire this skill, you will realise that some University might require students to have technical background. If you do not have relevant technical background, we highly recommend pursuing the Master of Cybersecurity program at La Trobe University.

At a glance:


La Trobe University


Melbourne, Australia


Master of Cybersecurity

Career   outcome

Security architect, cyber   intelligence, compliance assurance manager, cybersecurity consultant,   security analyst, security policy advisor, research and risk management   specialist


2 Years (4 Semester)

Tuition   Fee

AUD$36,000 per-annum (Indicative   for 2019)


February or July each year

Why   La Trobe?

Entry is open to graduates with   any discipline equivalent to an Australia Bachelor’s degree It is relevant to   those looking to enter the IT profession realm who have no previous   experience in cybersecurity. However, this degree also provides a pathway for   existing IT professionals seeking to start or progress their careers in the   cybersecurity domain. 

The program is designed in   collaboration with industry partners and is geared to keep pace with the   information security demands of business, government, defence and law   enforcement.

You will develop   cross-disciplinary and technical skills in blockchain, network security,   digital forensics and penetration testing. You will learn not only to respond   to a threat but to think like a hacker to manage and avert crises.

La Trobe University offers   between $5000 – $10000 of scholarship on annual tuition fees depending on   your past academic performance

To find out more information on course entry requirements, scholarship   opportunities and program details, simply connect with Excel Education

Can I apply for Australian Residency after completing this program?

If you are considering living and to establish a career in Australia, it is worth mentioning that IT professionals are highly sought after in the work force and can lead to an opportunity to apply for Australia Residency (PR). 

You can opt to apply under the Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) or the Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) if you completed the program in a regional area. 

To find out more information about applying for Australia Residency, we have covered this topic in our previous article however if you are unable to digest all the information, simply connect with Excel Education and will be able to assist with all your enquiry!

If you would like to find out other alternative careers that has strong potential to migrate to Australia, simply connect with Excel Education and we would love to assist you!

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