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Founded in 1850, The University of Sydney was among the first universities established in Australia. Presbyterian clergyman, John Dunmore Lang, set up the Australian College in 1831, operating on and on until 1854. From the very beginning of the university’s establishment, religious organizations often disagreed over the idea of a secular university. Oxford and Cambridge were often the models that they believed Australian universities should aspire to be.

The University of Sydney had to undergo multiple changes over the years and overcome challenges from the communities around it. It valued the power of education and highly supported the idea that knowledge should be encouraged and shared among everyone. By 1881, The University of Sydney was one of the first universities in the world to admit an equal ratio of male and female students. The main principles indebted to the foundation of the university are twofold. The first is religious tolerance, which granted admission to any students regardless of their religious beliefs. The second is the admission of students on academic merit. This means that students are able to be matriculated to the university by passing an academic examination. These principles were considered progressive ideals when it was first established in the mid-nineteenth century. Granting scholarships to aid the financial responsibilities of students has also always been a vital part of The University’s culture.  

Today, The University of Sydney is among the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities, standing in line 38th in QS rankings. It has also ranked among the top four universities in the world and the first in Australia for its employability rates. Its campus is located in Sydney, Australia, and has also been ranked as one of the top 10 beautiful universities by the British Daily Telegraph and the American Huffington Post. In 2001, the filming of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was commenced on the campus. The main campus of The University happens to also be the main focus of university life and home to a wide array of monuments, statues, and artworks

Faculties at the University of Sydney

Below is a brief list of the faculties and its schools that are offered at the University of Sydney:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
      • School of Economics
      • School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
      • Sydney College of the Arts
      • School of Languages and Cultures
      • School of Social and Political Sciences
      • School of Literature, Art, and Media
      • Sydney School of Education and Social Work
  • Faculty of Engineering
      • School of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering
      • School of Civil Engineering
      • School of Project Management
      • School of Biomedical Engineering
      • School of Computer Science
      • School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
      • School of Electrical and Information Engineering
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health
      • Sydney Dental School
      • Sydney Nursing School
      • Sydney School of Health Sciences
      • Sydney Medical School
      • Sydney Pharmacy School
      • Clinical Schools
      • Schools of Medical Science
      • Sydney School of Public Health
  • Faculty of Science
      • School of Chemistry
      • School of Life and Environmental Sciences
      • School of Psychology
      • School of Geosciences
      • School of Mathematics and Statistics
      • Sydney School of Veterinary
      • School of History and Philosophy
      • School of Physics 
  • School of Architecture, Design, and Planning
  • University of Sydney Business School
  • Conservatorium of Music
  • Sydney Law School


Top Subjects to Study at The University of Sydney

The following list is the top 5 subjects you may pursue that are offered in the University of Sydney according to the QS subjects ranking:

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Life Sciences & Medicine
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences & Management

For more information on the programs offered under the subjects listed above, feel free to contact us today! 

Scholarship Offered at the University of Sydney

As aforementioned, The University of Sydney values education and greatly encourages students to pursue their educational journey. With that said, The University of Sydney offers scholarships for both domestic and international students.




Equity Scholarship

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Matt Laffan Disability Scholarships
  • Clissold Scholarship
  • Jim Wolfensohn Scholarship
  • University of Sydney Access Scholarship
  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Professor Henry J Cowan Memorial Scholarship
  • Centenary’s Summer Research Scholarship
  • Rotary International Scholarships
  • The Humanitarian High Achiever Scholarship

For more information on the scholarships, prize, and awards offered, contact us now!

Why Should You Study at the University of Sydney?

Now that you’re well informed about what the University of Sydney is, you may still be wondering whether or not this is the right university for you. To answer your question, below are the reasons you should consider why you should choose to study at the University of Sydney:

  • High Employability Rate:

Aside from the University’s impressive global rankings, they are also internationally well-known leaders in education, research, and graduate employability – 1st in Australia, 4th in the world. Regardless of what you pursue, the opportunities in the working world are open for you. You will be receiving the utmost support from the university from ensuring you are well equipped with the knowledge you need to secure internships and work placements. 

  • Ranks Top 50th in the World University Ranking

The high-ranking placement of the University of Sydney ensures that the teachings and researches conducted within the school’s community are excellent. In other words, you will be receiving one of the highest forms of quality education in the career you are pursuing.

  • Versatile Degree Courses

Due to the various options of study paths offered in the university, you have the choice to choose the right ones to fit your needs. The programmes offered in the University of Sydney are designed for you. There are over 100+ majors and minors to pursue with flexible undergraduate degrees. Not to mention that the postgraduate degrees are versatile enough for you to fit around your life.

  • Wholesome Student and Campus Life

Through the various cultural exchange programmes offered at the University of Sydney, you will find your life thoroughly enriched by meeting people from different backgrounds and beliefs. Additionally, they also The University of Sydney Union (USU), which is a big part of ensuring you have a memorable experience. There are over 250 clubs and societies that have been organised by them, as well as exciting events that are held throughout the year. Membership in USU is free and it is highly encouraged for you to join them. If you are into participating in physical education, sports and fitness memberships are also included in the wholesome life of a student at the University of Sydney. Moreover, due to the inclusivity of various backgrounds, you will be able to share the experience of learning and participating in the celebrations and events from other cultural backgrounds. This exposure can undoubtedly help you be more open to new things and benefit you in the future.

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