Study Blockchain in Malaysia 2022

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You may be asking yourself “what is blockchain?” If you are familiar with cryptocurrency systems, this may be a term you have come across or even used yourself. However, if you are new to the concept, let us break this down gently for you; what it is, what you will study, your career options, and where can you pursue a degree in blockchain in Malaysia.

What is Blockchain?

Simply put, a blockchain is a string of data blocks that forms a long digital chain. All of these data blocks are connected to each other with unique identifiers, otherwise known as a hash. These chains are digitally stored in networks worldwide, as opposed to being stored in a singular area. Data distribution through this method is what categorises blockchain as a decentralised system, meaning that there is no central hub or a single authority that oversees the transactions.

As aforementioned, the concept of blockchain may be more familiar to those who have knowledge of cryptocurrency systems. This is because blockchain is currently the technology being utilised for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, blockchain data also carries a variety of information, making it widely advantageous to use in a broad range of industries, from medical to the public sector, accounting, financial corporations, and so much more!

What Are The Roles of Blockchain?

Blockchain serves many benefits to the current digital age of our society. If you chose to pursue this career path, these are factors upon which you will be assisting to benefit human life:

  • Security
    • The security that blockchain offers is incredible. Centralised systems, which is what are most commonly used in banks today, channels all of their collected data through a central hub. This makes it easier for hackers to access the public’s information, finance, and more, as they would only need to break through one central hub. Blockchain, on the other hand, uses a decentralised system which makes it harder for hackers to break into the network and server. This is because blockchain has been digitally distributed worldwide, making it an impossible task to successfully attack the system and access the information they’re looking for.
  • Trust
    • Considering the fact that blockchain is widely distributed over numerous networks and servers, it creates a somewhat transparent system. It does not need a third-party authority to monitor and survey the transactions, but rather people who are dealing with blockchain are able to deal directly with one another. Furthermore, the entire community must first verify the transactions, which adds another layer of security to the data.
  • Instant traceability
    • There is a lot of concern regarding the environment and human rights effects when it comes to approaching the subject of product manufacture. With blockchain, we are able to access proof as this technology creates an audit trail of the documents every step of the way. Therefore, it makes it possible for data to be shared directly with the customers. 

What Will You Study in Blockchain?

The field of blockchain is transformative and ever-growing. Considering its current importance in our community, it makes an excellent field of study to pursue. Universities worldwide are recognizing the rapid evolution of technology in the world and are now offering courses of studies to help students be well-equipped and knowledgeable of all the necessary specialisations in computer science. 

The blockchain specialisation subjects that you might expect to study are:

  • Distributed Systems and Processing
  • Cryptography and System Security
  • Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Introduction to Digital Currencies

Skills Needed to Study Blockchain

When pursuing this line of career, there are a few skills you need to possess in order for you to succeed well. Here is a brief list on the top 5 skills you will need to study blockchain for your tertiary education:

  • Proficiency in Programming Language
    • Programming language is very distinct and precise. Having a good proficiency of this language is vital for you to pursue your study into blockchain. To be a blockchain developer, you must have a high understanding of at least 1 – 2 programming languages.
  • Solid Understanding of Cybersecurity Principles
    • Crytography is an important part of blockchain technology as it relies heavily on cryptocurrency. Giving yourself the practice of protecting information and having deep understanding of the workings of cryptocurrency and security principles is important for you to pursue this line of career. As a future blockchain developer, you need to consider honing this skill set. 
  • Knowledge of Smart Contracts
      • What are smart contracts you may ask? Smart contracts are self-executing contracts between two parties that consists of the terms and agreements written into the code. Once this contract is deployed, it autonomously runs without any involvement from a third party. It is a powerful feature of blockchain technology, and is almost considered to be one of the most important aspects that separates blockchain from standard databases. If you are knowledgeable on this subject, the higher your chances are in succeeding in this pursuit of study.
  • Good Grasp on Data Structures and Algorithms
      • Having a good understanding, or at least a passion for learning how algorithms work, knowing how to validate and verify digital signatures, and implement consensus protocols, is important when embarking on your journey to learn deeper into blockchain technology.
  • Well Experienced with Peer-to-Peer Networking
    • Since blockchain technology is a decentralised system, having a clear understanding on how distributed systems function is vital. You would need to learn how to operate networked computers and coordinate their actions. As a student pursuing this career path, your knowledge and familiarity with this concept is important for your success. 

What are Your Career Prospects with a Degree in Blockchain Technology?

Considering how vast and flexible a degree in information technology can be, there are several career options readily available to you! Not to mention that a career path in this field is currently in high demand worldwide!

Here is a brief list of the career opportunities you have with a degree in blockchain technology:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Developer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Programmer
  • IT Consultant
  • Applications Developer

General Entry Requirements to Study Blockchain in Malaysia

i) Academic Entry Requirements 

Below are the minimum requirements you would need to fulfil in order to be eligible to enter this programme in university.


Minimum Requirement


2 Cs


5 Bs

*inclusive of Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics



Diploma in Information Technology (IT)

CGPA 2.50


CGPA 2.00

*For more information on the requirements you need to complete, do contact us now!

ii) English Entry Requirements

To pursue this programme, you would have to fulfil the following English entry requirements listed in the table below.


Minimum Requirement


Band 5.0


34 (Internet-based exam)


Band 3.0

UEC English


*For more information on the requirements you need to complete, do contact us now!

Where Can You Study Blockchain Technology in Malaysia?

Now that you have been briefed on the necessary elements of what blockchain is, you may be wondering where can you pursue a degree in which specialises in this particular study? Below are the top two universities in which you can pursue a degree that will grant you a deeper understanding and a gateway into the career path of being a blockchain developer!

#1 Taylor’s University




Indicative Fees

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) 

Cyber Security (Dual Award)*

3 years

January, March, August

Local students:


International students:


For more information regarding course structure, entry requirements, intakes available, fee structure – contact us now to book your consultation session. 

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#2 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)




Indicative Fees

Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a Specialism in Financial Technology

3 years

September, November

Local students:


International students:


For more information regarding course structure, entry requirements, intakes available, fee structure – contact us now to book your consultation session. 

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