Study Design and Visual Arts in Australia (2020)

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A common misconception people may hold to creative arts degree is that they do not see it as valuable as compared to a science or business degree. Perhaps it is of the unstable career pathway in the future that makes people hesitate choosing a creative arts degree, but we believe every course has its own unique qualities that are applicable in many ways.

Skills are highly transferable

Art courses train you the practicalities of creating art work, that is an undeniable fact. Other than that, they also hone skills like analytical skills, computing skills, teamwork skills, creative and independent thinking, problem-solving abilities and communication skills. These skills are applicable to many job industries

Job Opportunities

As mentioned, since art degree skills are highly transferable, it is flexible enough to go into most creative industries. From teaching, TV production, illustration, to interior design, creative arts and design is a large industry with many prospects.

Experience is the Key

Most students may now realise that: getting a degree is not enough, they would need experience too. Which is why most universities offer internships, activities, and platforms for aspiring art students to connect with potential clients and companies.

Different Fields

Creative Arts and Design is a vast field, and its name alone cannot express the many amount of specialisations you can choose from:

  • Architectural Design 
  • Animation
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion
  • Fine Arts
  • Computational Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Set Design

Think we missed something? You can ask Excel Education about it! We will make sure we find the course of your dreams.

Recommended Universities to Study Design and Visual Arts:​

And finally, we will recommend some universities to study design and visual arts, while listing all of the majors available. This list is based on the the 2019 QS World Ranking for each university’s Bachelor and Master program in Design and Visual Arts. They are guaranteed to be credible, as they rank their subjects based on:

  • High enrolment rate in the program
  • High courses satisfaction rates among students and recent graduates
  • High employment rate

Without further ado, here all all the undergraduate and postgraduate design and visual arts degrees.

1. RMIT University

RMIT holds a proud and reputable position at #12 in the 2019 QS World Ranking. They boast their high-funded art studio facilities which combine both contemporary and cultural aspects of design and technology, thus training top-tier design and visual artists.

They also emphasize a lot in shaping the future of the design industry. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with local and international designers, lecturers and scholars who are familiar with the relevant industry.
Programme NameMajorsIndicative fee (2020)
Bachelor of DesignAnimation and Interactive MediaAUD  $35,520
Digital Media
Communication Design
GamesAUD  $34,560
Bachelor of Industrial DesignN/AAUD  $38,400
Bachelor of FashionMerchandise ManagementAUD  $34,560
DesignAUD  $35,520
EnterpriseAUD  $35,520
Bachelor of Interior DesignN/AAUD  $38,400
Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Master of Animation, Games and InteractivityAUD $31,680
Master of DesignAUD $32,640
Master of Design FutureAUD $33,120
Master of Design Innovative and TechnologyAUD $39,360
Master of Communication DesignAUD $32,640
Master of Design (Architecture & Design)AUD $34,560
Master of Design (Fashion & Textile)AUD $30,720
Master of Technology (Fashion & Textile)AUD $30,720
Master of Fashion (Design)AUD $32,640
Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship)AUD $32,640

2. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

The UTS School of Design is ranked at #23 is the 2019 QS World Ranking in Design and Arts. They strive to be the pioneers of the transformation of contemporary design culture through their research and education, which will prepare you for the job market. 

They also promise the state of the art facilities in the heart of Sydney, providing students a lot of leverage into the creative scene in the big city.

Programme NameMajorsIndicative fee (2020)
Bachelor of DesignArchitectureAUD $38,060
Interior Architecture
Product Design
Fashion and Textiles
Visual Communication
ArchitectureAUD $38,720
Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Master of DesignAUD $38,060
Master of AnimationAUD $38,060

3. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW’s design programmes are ranked at #31 in the 2019 QS World Ranking in Design and Arts. Their degrees equips the knowledge, skills and professional attributes to face the ever-changing creative industry. 

They provide a range of facilities which are able to let students hone their skills in multiple specialisations, such as: graphics, objects, 3D visualisation, textiles, interaction and experience design. 

Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Bachelor of Art TheoryAUD $38,060
Bachelor of DesignAUD $36,480
Bachelor of Fine ArtsAUD $36,480
Bachelor of Media ArtsAUD $36,480
Bachelor of Computational DesignAUD $40,020
Bachelor of Industrial DesignAUD $39,840
Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Master of DesignAUD $36,000
Master of Visualisation, Simulation & Immersive DesignAUD $37,800

4. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne’s design degrees sit comfortably at the #34 position in the QS World Rankings in arts and design. They not only emphasize greatly on practical designing skills, but also the ability to apply design thinking in many different aspects.

They boast their state-of-the-art teaching facilities and design studios that aids students in reaching their full potential. There are also site visits, field trips and constant interaction with industry practitioners that will help students to be more well-versed with the industries.

Programme NameMajorsIndicative fee (2020)
Bachelor of DesignArchitectureAUD $34,112 – $44,632
Digital Technologies
Graphic Design
Landscape Architecture
Performance Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production)Stage ManagementAUD $30,112
Light Technology
Lighting Design
Sound Technology
Sound Design
Costume Construction
Costume Design
Set and Props Construction
Set Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)N/AAUD $54,948
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts)N/AAUD $30,112
Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Master of Design for PerformanceAUD $33,696
Master of Production Design for Screen AUD $33,696
Master of Contemporary ArtAUD $33,696
Master of Design for PerformanceAUD $33,696

5. Griffith University

Griffith University’s partnering college – The Queensland College of Art is one of Australia’s longest-running art and design colleges. Along with The Griffith Film School, which is the largest film school in Australia. 

The students will learn closely with people in world-class facilities who are constantly pushing the boundaries of visual and creative arts, preparing you with the skills that can be used anywhere internationally.

Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Bachelor of AnimationAUD $29,500
Bachelor of Creative and Interactive MediaAUD $29,500
Bachelor of DesignAUD $29,500
Bachelor of Fine ArtsAUD $29,500
Bachelor of Creative IndustriesAUD $31,000
Bachelor of PhotographyAUD $29,500
Bachelor of Film and Screen Media ProductionAUD $29,500
Bachelor of Games DesignAUD $30,000
Bachelor of Architectural DesignAUD $32,500
Programme NameIndicative fee (2020)
Master of Interactive MediaAUD $33,000
Master of Screen ProductionAUD $39,500
Master of Design ResearchAUD $31,000
Master of Arts in Visual ArtsAUD $33,000
Master of DesignAUD $33,000
Master of Visual ArtsAUD $31,000
Master of ArchitectureAUD $32,500

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