Study Food Science & Nutrition Degree in Malaysia 2021

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What is Food Science & Nutrition?

Simply just like its name, Food Science and Nutrition are often associated with food — but it doesn’t stop there. It involves the process of food from A to Z; from the development and design to the distribution stages and everything in between. Studying Food Science and Nutrition in Malaysia will give you the knowledge of the impacts that food has not only on the human body but also the society. 

Generally, Food Science and Nutrition have different definitions and purposes. Food Science covers the chemical, biological, and physical properties of food in relation to manufacturing, processing, and storage of food products. On the other hand, Nutrition studies the relationship between foods and its effect on an individual’s health such as obesity, malnutrition, food insecurity and nutritional deficiencies.

To put it simply, both are important and they are complementary to each other. Hence, the majority of the universities put them together as one interesting and knowledgeable course for students who want to learn more about food.

What study Food Science & Nutrition?

  • Create healthier communities

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of their health condition — everyone is adhering to their diet and they are aware of the ingredients they consume. However, some of these people are unable to tell fiction from facts.

This is to say, studying Food Science and Nutrition will give you the privilege of educating consumers when it comes to food — it becomes your responsibility to encourage the society to eat healthily and be cautious in their daily consumption.

  • Experiment with food

As mentioned previously, this course is closely related to food; if you love food and want to spend your degree years experimenting with food, then this is the course for you.

It will give you the opportunity to sample new and exciting foods. On a daily basis, you can experiment with the colour, flavour, texture and storage life of a food product by conducting biological, chemical and physical tests.

  • Wide career opportunity

Other than that, to have knowledge about food which is a necessity in our everyday life, it will give you a variety in careers from food marketing, procurement, sports nutrition, quality assurance, media to even education.

Most likely you will also have the opportunity to be part of a team contributing to the promotion of healthy and responsible food to prevent chronic diseases or illnesses due to poor diet and lifestyle.

What are the Career Opportunities if I study Food Science & Nutrition?

  • Food Scientist; You will work closely with the production team to research and create healthy recipes using new and existing ingredients.
  • Nutritional Therapist; You will typically work privately, helping individuals on a one-on-one basis by making personal dietary recommendations based on their personal circumstances.
  • Quality Assurance Manager; Your job is to ensure that food products meet the correct standards set out in the regulations and comply with all internal and external requirements.

What are the General Entry Requirements to study Food Science & Nutrition in Malaysia?

Academic Requirements

SPM (Prerequisite)

Pass SPM with 5 credits including three  Science subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

STPM/Foundation/Matriculation in Science/Diploma

Minimum CGPA 2.00 including 2 Science subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)


Pass including minimum D in any 2 Science subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry


Pass with 5Bs including any 2 Science subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Minimum 24 points in 6 subjects including minimum 5 points in any 2 Science subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

*The academic requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, Excel Education.

English language requirements


Minimum 5.5


Minimum 78 (Internet Based Test)


Minimum Band 3

*The English language requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, Excel Education. 

Which are the Top 5 Universities to study Food Science & Nutrition in Malaysia?

1. Monash University Malaysia

The course focuses firstly on helping you develop a greater understanding of the fate of agricultural raw materials, and secondly on the technology of food such as preservation, processing, packaging and distribution to ensure that food is safe, nutritious and wholesome.

Program Name

Bachelor of Food Science and Technology

Program Duration 

3 years


February, July. October

Indicative Annual Fee 

Malaysian students: RM44,805

Non-Malaysian students: RM51,135

2. University of Nottingham Malaysia

During this degree, you will learn the basic principles of nutrition, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology. You will also specifically explore diet in relation to diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease while developing an in-depth knowledge of physiology and nutritional biochemistry.

Program Name

Nutrition BSc (Hons) 

Program Duration 

3 years



Indicative Annual Fee 

Malaysian students: RM41,500

Non-Malaysian students: RM45,990

3. Taylor's University

Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Food Science) exposes students to an in-depth understanding of food processing, food texture, flavor, nutritional composition, sensory and food safety for development of nutritious food products.

Program Name

Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Food Science)

Program Duration 

3 years


January, March, August

Indicative Annual Fee

Malaysian students: RM32,518

Non-Malaysian students: RM39,667

4. International Medical University (IMU)

IMU’s Nutrition programme provides students with a rigorous experience in research methodology and application for each stage of the research process and data management.

Program Name

BSc (Hons) Nutrition

Program Duration 

3 years


July, September

Indicative Annual Fee

Malaysian students: RM39,000

Non-Malaysian students: RM40,400

5. UCSI University

Under the direction and guidance of qualified professors and academicians, as well as experienced laboratory technologists, students are exposed to a variety of laboratory equipment and skills at the University.

Program Name

BSc (Hons) Food Science with Nutrition

Program Duration 

3 years


January, May, September

Indicative Annual Fee

Malaysian students: RM28,630

Non-Malaysian students: RM29.970

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