Study International Relations in Malaysia 2021

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If you are someone who loves learning about the way this world works, and how countries around the world operate, International Relations might just be the best choice for you.

What is International Relations?

International Relations is a broad subject that allows you to learn about the relationships between different countries and governments. International Relations can have various names such as, global studies, international affairs or international studies. This course usually comes under a university’s social science and humanities department. 

During your course of study as an international relations major, your main focus would be on national states and large governmental organizations such as the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO). This subject mainly falls under the political science category or its interdisciplinary. Degrees as such cover topics such as, law, politics, geography, economics, history and global issues. 

Reasons You Should Consider Studying International Relations?

We live in a world filled with uncountable amounts of global issues, ranging from war to poverty, deforestation to epidemics and pandemics. The world therefore, is in dire need of individuals who can speak up and make a positive impact on the world for the better. International Relations can give you a deeper understanding of global issues and puts great emphasis on political science, culture, economics, education and the impact they have on society as a whole. Hence, International Relations is definitely an interesting course to invest your time and effort in. However, the question you should ask yourself is why should you consider studying it. No worries, because we have a list of reasons why you should go for it right here.

  1. You enjoy debating and engaging in conversations about global issues 
  2. You aspire to make a difference in the world 
  3. If you are looking for a career in the government sector, it is a great starting point for your career
  4. The unique skill sets you develop with this degree will be high in demand 
  5. Opportunity for many career paths, including public affairs, international business, politics and government and international organizations such as the UN


What Are The Career Opportunities for an International Relations Major?

A degree in international relations will equip you for wide range of sectors such as ( but not limited to);

  • Government sectors
  •  Aid and non-government sectors
  •  Finance and international business
  •  Foreign ministries
  •  International media and journalism
  • International organizations
  • Political analyst
  • Communications Specialist 
  • Lobbying
  • Policy advice and think-tanks

General Academic Entry Requirements for International Relations Degree


• 2 Passes in STPM with a minimum Grade C (GP 2.0) and a Credit in English at SPM Level or its equivalent.


• 2 Passes in A-Level in any 2 subjects, and a Credit in English at SPM/O-Level/ IGCSE or its equivalent.


• 5 Grade B’s in UEC including English.

Matriculation/ Foundation

• Passed Foundation programme (minimum CGPA of 2.0) with a Credit in English at SPM/O-Level/IGCSE or equivalent.

*The requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, contact Excel Education. 

General English Language Requirements for International Students






Band 3 

Pearson (PTE):


*The requirements may vary among universities, for inquiries on other entry requirements, contact Excel Education. 

Top Universities to Study International Relations in Malaysia

University of Nottingham, Malaysia

University of Nottingham is a private university constantly ranked among the top 100 universities across the world (QS World University Rankings 2021) offering programmes from foundation level to doctoral degrees. The university provides excellent teaching, learning and research facilities such as a library, computers, study areas, labs, and online lessons alongside virtual labs as well. 

On campus, students have a wide variety of other facilities such as a purpose-built sport complex and swimming pool to ensure students stay physically and mentally fit.  

The entry requirements and course fee for University of Nottingham however, is quite high. Hence, it is very important for you to take a look at your budget and academic qualifications before applying. For enquiries you may contact Excel Education.

Course Details 


International Relations BA




3 Years (Full Time)

Indicative Fees (2021)

Local Students: RM37,000 per year

International Students: RM43,300 per year 

Taylor’s University

Taylor’s university is often regarded as Malaysia’s top private university based on QS Ranking. Taylor’s is also ranked the top private university in Southeast Asia, placing them among the world’s top flight universities. It is the one of the few universities in Asia which are rated 5 star for online learning as well. 

The international relations programme offered at Taylor’s University is actually Asia’s first International Relations degree combining 2 years of on campus university learning and a year of first hand industrial experience. 

Course Details 


Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (International Relations)


March, August, June (Special Semester) 


3 Years 

Indicative Fees (2021)

Local Students: 86,570

International Students: USD25,885

Asia Pacific University (APU)

Asia Pacific University is one of Malaysia’s premier private universities with a unique fusion of technology and innovation in order to transform students into highly competent and successful professionals. APU is an award-winning university with over 200 prestigious awards at local and international levels.

If you want to opt for a university with lower entry requirements and course fee, APU just might be the right choice for you. 

Through APU’s International Relations Degree, you will be able to learn about global affairs through debates, film studies, discussions and reports in addition to studying the latest news reports. 

Course Details 


BA (Hons) in International Relations


May, September 


3 Years (6 Semesters)

Indicative Fees (2021)

Local Students: RM78,000

International Students: RM88,200

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