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Psychology is the science that studies closely on behaviour and the mind. Most particularly, they study the brain and its properties, and how does properties drive behavioural impulses and emotions, then attempt to gauge them within the impacts upon reality. This can be applied in different sectors depending on which disciple you focus on, like counseling, psychiatry, consumer behaviour studies for business, and even animal psychology.

Industry Overview

In Australia, the general requirements to become a psychologist is to either:

  1. Possess a postgraduate degree in psychology 
  2. Or go through two years of supervised postgraduate experience with a registered psychologist

Based on JobOutlook, the prospects for aspiring psychologists are very promising. As data shows that the number of people working as psychologists and psychotherapists enhanced steadily over the past 5 years, and is projected to continue growing for the next 5 years. With 37,500 jobs in 2018 to 48,800 by 2023.

If you want to come back to Malaysia to start your psychology career, then you are in luck! The requirements to become a psychologist in Malaysia is to have a masters in psychology.

Based on StudyMalaysia, the demand for psychologists and psychiatrists in hospitals and clinics in Malaysia. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has expressed concerns for the shortage of psychologists in this nation. Furthermore, psychologists are incredibly versatile and can apply their skills in different industries, like human resources, counseling, development, education, marketing and advertising, media, etc.

A Few Different Principles of Psychology


Biological Psychology

The knowledge of physiological, genetics and development of behavior in humans.

Clinical Psychology

Assesses and treats psychological disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

Counselling Psychology

Tracking individuals within their lifespan such as in career development and health consultation.

Developmental Psychology

Studies human development since their infant stage to adulthood such as development of languages, motor skills and personalities.

Educational Psychology

The knowledge of the human learning process and using them to improve educational curriculum and activities

Forensic / Law Psychology

Researches crimes, legal principles and criminal behaviors as a pillar to the justice system.

Social Psychology

The knowledge of thought, feeling and behavior of individuals and how they are influenced by the presence of other human beings.

Typical Psychology Classes You May Encounter:

  • General Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Personality Psychology

Recommended Universities to Study Psychology:​

This list is based on the QS World Ranking for each university’s Psychology programs. They are guaranteed to be credible, as they rank their subjects based on:

  • High enrolment rate in the program
  • High courses satisfaction rates among students and recent graduates
  • High employment rate

And finally, both undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology degrees will be listed:


QS World Ranking: 22

Programme NameFee
Bachelor of PsychologyAUD $46,080
Bachelor of Psychological ScienceAUD $46,080
Programme NameFee
Master of Psychology (Clinical)AUD $43,200
Master of Psychology (Forensic)AUD $43,530

2. The University of Queensland

QS World Ranking: 23

Programme NameFee
Bachelor of Psychological ScienceAUD $37,760
Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology)AUD $44,736
Programme NameFee
Master of Business PsychologyAUD $46,720
Master of Clinical PsychologyAUD $42,656
Master of CounselingAUD $27,536
Master of Mental HealthAUD $33,376
Master of Mental Health NursingAUD $33,376
Master of Organisational PsychologyAUD $42,656
Master of PsychologyAUD $42,656

3. The University of Sydney

QS World Ranking: 26

Programme NameFee
Bachelor of PsychologyAUD $48,500
Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychological Science)AUD $48,500
Programme NameFee
Master of Clinical PsychologyAUD $49,000
Master of Science in Coaching PsychologyAUD $49,000
Master of Brain and Mind Sciences AUD $49,000

4. The University of Western Australia

QS World Ranking: 42

Programme NameMajorFee
Bachelor of Science Psychology (Double Major)AUD $37,800
Psychology in Society
Programme NameFee
Master of Industrial and Organisational PsychologyAUD $23,900
Master of Business PsychologyAUD $23,899

5. Monash University

Study Engineering in Australia

QS World Ranking: 48

Programme NameMajorFee
Bachelor of SciencePsychologyAUD $48,500
Bachelor of ArtsPsychologyAUD $33,000
Bachelor of PsychologyN/AAUD $34,200
Programme NameFee
Master of Mental Health ScienceAUD $35,000

Let’s hope this breaks it down for you! Good luck in making your future career dreams come true! Contact us for any information or apply immediately! We’d love to help!

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