The Future of Computer Science in Malaysia

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It is impossible to argue against the significance of computer science in today’s advanced digital society, given that it is a subject that develops swiftly and has close ties to a wide variety of other areas. It is not hard to see how computer science affects everything, from scientific study to the growth of health care, transportation, finance, and communications, and just about everything else you can think of. Aside from that, we might say that computer science is the God of Information Technology because of how it organises and processes data. We live in an era of information, which means that massive volumes of information about all areas of human activity are now available to people all over the world. This has been made easier by advances in technology such as the Internet, mobile communications, and the spread of sophisticated computer equipment that is reasonably priced.

The need for graduates in a certain field should be one of the considerations that students make while selecting an appropriate academic programme to pursue in Malaysia. Both in Malaysia and across the world, there is a significant need for people to work in fields related to computer science and information technology (IT). Because there are many different kinds of information technology courses and many different fields that one might work in, it can be difficult to pick the appropriate subject to study. 

The study of computer science seems to have a bright future since students who get degrees in the field will be prepared to specialise in areas such as game creation, artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security, and hardware or software systems. All of these areas are significant as Malaysia makes the transition towards IR 4.0 by using digital technologies that make it possible for greater innovation and have the potential to alter the nature of work in 5 years now. 

Let’s go into more insights on what it is that Computer Science really entails!

What is Computer Science

The study of information processing and the development of computer programmes is the primary emphasis of computer science, a subfield of the field of computers known as computer science. It entails the creation of code and the use of complicated algorithms in order to construct computer software and models, solve computing issues, and invent new ways to utilise technology.

Programming in computers may be of great use to a Computer Scientist in many different ways. For instance, you could design and analyse algorithms that are made for particular programmes, research the performance of computer hardware and software, diagnose and fix problems that are found in programmes, design applications for smartphones, develop and maintain cybersecurity for a network, and so on. Obtaining a degree in computer science will provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to become an experienced software developer and programmer. You will gain knowledge in every area of computing, including web and software development, mobile computing, interface design, and system administration, among other topics.

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Job Opportunities for Computer Science graduates in Malaysia

A degree in Computer Science will prepare you for a career in the information technology industry, including work in IT consultancies and IT service providers. Graduates of computer science and information technology are sought after by companies operating in a variety of markets, including the retail sector, telecommunications, natural resources, and financial services.

Following graduation with a degree in computer science or information technology, some possible occupations include the following:

  • Software Engineer or Software Developer

Software developers often have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an advanced level of proficiency in computer programming. The need for application software developers is expected to expand in part because of the growing requirement for new apps to run on mobile devices and tablets. Software and application developers find employment in a wide variety of industries, with the medical insurance, consumer electronics, and cybersecurity industries likely to have the most development in the coming years.

  • Information Security Analysts

The vast majority of information security analysts are employed by computer businesses, consulting organisations, or enterprises involved in business and finance. The majority of roles for information security analysts need a bachelor’s degree in an area that is connected to computers. It is anticipated that there will be a significant increase in the need for information security analysts. This is due to the fact that these analysts will be required to develop original solutions in order to stop hackers from stealing vital information or creating difficulties for computer networks.

  • Computer Support Specialists

As the use of technology continues to expand and become more sophisticated, there will be an increased need for support professionals who are trained to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may develop. The finest employment possibilities should go to those who have a bachelor’s degree and a solid technological background to support their application.

  • Cybersecurity Specialist

Because of the ongoing digital revolution as well as the rapidly expanding digital economy and e-commerce, cybersecurity has emerged as a crucial component of modern-day business. In the past, only government agencies and the defense sector were considered experts in the field of cybersecurity; nevertheless, this field is now widely practiced. There is a significant need for qualified professionals in the sector of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity specialists are hired by a variety of industries, including health care, banking, manufacturing, and retail, in order to prevent critical information from being compromised by hackers.

  • Solutions Architect

You may be wondering how to become a solution architect if you are someone who is good at finding innovative solutions to problems and enjoys working with technology. A specialist who works in the area of information technology is known as a solution architect (IT). As their work title would imply, solution architects, find solutions to issues that arise with computers. This is often accomplished by designing and implementing various kinds of technological applications and information systems. Solution architects are responsible for developing the technological and computer-based tools that assist firms in accomplishing their objectives.

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Companies You Can Work in Malaysia for Computer Science Graduates

The growing reliance on technology in not just the economy but also in every part of our life is elevating the significance of computer science. The following is a list of organizations that you may be able to obtain a job with if you acquire a degree in computer science:

  • Google
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Banks
  • Mobile App Developer Companies
  • Airlines Companies
  • Automotive Companies

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Skills Required to Pursue a Career in Computer Science

The following are some of the most important skills that a professional computer scientist ought to have:

  • Data analysis

You need to have the ability to read data in order to comprehend which strategic choices need to be taken and the reasons behind them. In order to improve anything in the future, you may examine the data to determine what aspects worked well and which ones need to be modified.

  • Software development

The capacity to produce code and programmes alone as well as in cooperation with others is shown by having skills in software development. You’ll also play an important role in testing programmes and diagnosing problems in areas that have room for development.

  • Time Management

The majority of the time, the deadlines for each and every project and assignment must be met. To be successful in the field of computer science, you need to be able to manage several responsibilities at once. Managing your time effectively is essential to your success because it enables you to set priorities, move rapidly from one job to the next, and complete tasks on schedule without exceeding your budget.

  • Attention to detail

There is extremely little opportunity for mistake in the work that computer scientists conduct because of the nature of their work. The whole software application may be rendered inoperable by the presence of even a single typographical error in a single line of code. A keen awareness of minute particulars is a necessary component of having a good attention to detail.

  • Creativity skill

The field of computer science does not only demand that you be rational all the time; rather, it gives you enough opportunity to use your creative abilities. The field of computer science focuses on creating applications and websites that are aesthetically pleasing to their customers.

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General Entry Requirement to Study Computer Science in Malaysia

Academic Entry

  • STPM : Min. Grade C in 2 subjects
  • Foundation/Matriculation : Pass with min. CGPA of 2.0 with a Credit in Additional Mathematics at SPM/ IGCSE/ O-Level/ equivalent 
  • A-Levels : Pass with min. EE
  • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) : Pass with min. 5 Bs including Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics  
  • Canadian Pre-University (CPU) : Min. average of 50% in 6 subjects 
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) : Min. of 24 points in 6 subjects 
  • Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) : Pass with min. CGPA of 2.50
  • South Australian Matriculation (SAM) / SACE International : Min. ATAR 55

English Language

  • IELTS : Band 5.0
  • TOEFL : 42 (Internet Based Test) 
  • MUET : Band 3 
  • O-Level : Grade C 
  • 1119 : Grade C
  • UEC English : B6

Note: The requirements may be different at different colleges; for questions about additional admission requirements, please get in touch with us!

Top Universities to Study Computer Science in Malaysia

#1 Taylor’s University

Taylor’s University is a private institution of higher education in Malaysia that can be found in the city of Subang Jaya, which is found within the state of Selangor. It has been routinely recognised as the top private institution in Malaysia by the QS World University Rankings. This accolade comes as no surprise. The Lakeside Campus of Taylor’s University was constructed in 2010 in order to accommodate the increasing number of students enrolled at the university. 

Since its inception in 1969, Taylor’s has consistently provided excellent services for its students in the form of a diverse array of study options, an industry-relevant curriculum, and teaching methods, ongoing partnerships with leading universities all over the world, strong industry linkages, up-to-date facilities, and well-equipped campuses. 


Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)


3 Years


Jan, Mar, Aug

Indicative Fees (2022)

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#2 SEGi University

SEGi University is a non-public educational establishment that was established in 1977. The school, which is situated in an advantageous area in Kota Damansara and has a land area of ten acres, aims to provide students with industry-relevant programmes that are in accordance with the IR4.0 era in order to guarantee that these students are future-proof and prepared for careers.

According to the Asian University Rankings that were compiled and made public by QS World University Rankings, SEGi University is one of the top 350 educational institutions in the whole of Asia. This information was obtained by QS World University Rankings. The announcement that the RISE platform is now accessible to the general public comes as a source of great excitement for SEGi. People who are presently employed have the opportunity to improve their credentials via the use of SEGiRISE while continuing to work at their current employment and retaining their current schedules.


Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Cybersecurity


3 Years


Jan, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sept, Oct

Indicative Fees (2022)

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#3 Asia Pacific University

The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), sometimes known simply as APU, is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious private institutions in all of Malaysia. Its campus is located in Bukit Jalil. It is a place where an innovative and effective combination of technology, creativity, and innovation is utilised with the goal of effectively preparing graduates for significant roles in global business and society. Specifically, it is a place that focuses on preparing graduates for roles in which they will be required to innovate. 

APU is the first university in Malaysia to get a rating of Five Stars Plus in the most recent round of the QS Stars Rating awards, making it the most highly regarded educational institution in the country. A total of just 19 educational institutions around the globe have been bestowed with this accolade; APU is one of them.


Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)


3 Years


Mar, July, Sep, Nov

Indicative Fees (2022)

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