Top 10 Interior Design Universities In Australia 2018

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Studying in Australia

Australia is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches and exceptional higher education system. It has strong influences from both Europe and Asia, and boasts the second highest development index in the world, it is a fantastic place to study!

Studying Interior Design

Interior design degree programs offer students insight into the skills of arranging the interiors within a house, apartment, or office by using controlled methods to improving living conditions by creating an environment that combines aesthetic principles as well as anthropology and ergonomics to create a pleasant living environment. Interior design helps the growing functionality and quality of interior spaces by combining creativity with visual sensitivity as well as technical elements. Interior design is related to similar disciplines such as graphic design, industrial design and landscape architecture.

There are three main areas of interest in interior design: house decoration, residential design and commercial design. Interior design programmes offer knowledge and relevant information on elements and principles of design, architectural design and survey, interior planning, or graphics techniques for interior design.

Interior design degrees offer students creative abilities and excellent interpersonal skills. Interior design professionals are generally organised people with a great attention to detail. An interior designer is responsible for selecting the convenient materials and products that will be used to create and furnish living spaces and must know how texture, colour, lighting and other factors combine and interact.

The design is one of those fields which requires a combination of passion, persistence and proper training. Taking a course or studying for a degree at a good design school can be the basis for many a would-be designer’s theoretical knowledge and set them up to gather practical experience through internships and work experience.

Below, we have summarised a list of universities and colleges in Australia offering design-related courses.

University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

Bachelor of Science, Interior Architecture (Honours) (4 years)

Interior Architecture at UNSW is positioned as a research-led creative practice which focuses on the design and agency of the inhabited interiors of the built environment, from the scale of the room to the scale of the city, from permanent to temporary spaces.

The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture (3 years)

The Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture helps students to re-imagine interior environments and public spaces in local and global contexts. With a strong emphasis on people’s experiences of spatial design, this degree equips students with the critical skills required to interrogate and transgress the traditional boundaries of commercial interior design.

RMIT University

Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) (4 years)

This program will challenge your assumptions about interior design. You will learn to think and operate like a designer and, studying in a highly creative studio setting, you will learn from distinguished design practitioners.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Bachelor of Interior Design-Bachelor of Design (Honours) (4 years)

With their focus on design thinking, innovation and sustainability, QUT’s School of Design’s programs integrate the fundamentals of design with global developments in new technologies.

University of Canberra

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (3 years)

Interior designer gets to shape perceptions and responses to physical space through form, light, colour, texture, and sound. An interior designer considers all these aspects of our senses when designing spaces to delight their inhabitants.

Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Design, Interior Architecture (Honours) (4 years)

The Undergraduate Design program provides students with an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts in interior architecture and its applications in a broad range of contexts.

Deakin University

Bachelor of Design (Architecture) (3 years)

The Bachelor of Design (Architecture) comprises cutting edge content from the latest research and is designed with a global perspective. The course places emphasis on real application, allowing you to study architecture from day one.

University of South Australia (UniSA)

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (4 years)

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture produces graduates capable of designing and implementing creative, socially and environmentally sustainable settings which positively impact the way in which people live and work.

University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments (Architecture P3H) (3 years)

The Architecture course explores the interaction between design and inhabitation at different scales and addresses challenges presented by environmental, social and economic change and development. In addition to core units, students will have the opportunity to pursue special areas of interest through a variety of elective and breadth units. These include ‘live’ design-build community projects, creative entrepreneurship, advanced environmental performance, object and free-form modelling, heritage architecture, and national and international study tours.

TAFE South Australia

Diploma of Interior Design (2 years)

This qualification is typically used to develop a breadth, depth and complexity of techniques and knowledge for interior design processes which follow a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, and knowledge of the principles of interior design and building technologies.

Tuition Fee 2018
in AUD
  University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)NSW$37,920
  The University of Technology, SydneyNSW$35,140
  RMIT UniversityVIC$33,600
  Queensland University of TechnologyQLD$31,900
  University of CanberraCAN$29,890
  Swinburne University of TechnologyVIC$29,530
  Deakin UniversityVIC$28,984
  University of South AustraliaSA$27,500
  University of TasmaniaTAS$25,250
  TAFE South AustraliaSA$13,500


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