Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Australia

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So many people I know study abroad in western nations, such as — UK and USA. Choosing where to study abroad can be a difficult choice. In the event that you wanted to be living in a less densely populated island, surrounded by beaches, or highly populated urban cities, then Australia might be an awesome decision for you. Here are the 10 reasons you should consider Australia as a study abroad option.

1. Quality Universities

Australia is a nation with many high quality universities on the global ranks, for example, The University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Australian National University have unarguably been very popular places to study, yet many other universities are getting to be known for their research and graduates. In a nation that has a more limited university choice compared to others, Australia is unquestionably an incredible place to get an advanced education (regardless of the possibility that it’s only for study abroad). 

2. Any Major Can Study Here

Australia is a great place for science majors and environmental biologist looking for greater biodiversity in their research (University of Tasmania, University of Western Sydney and University of Queensland, which known for its advanced medical programs). In any case, Australia is likewise a fabulous study abroad destination for almost every other major, including culinary (Le Cordon Bleu Australia) communications, business and veterinary science. 

3. Working Right for International Students

International students are allowed to work up to a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks while your course is in session, and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break, but before you undertake any paid work you need to make sure your visa allows you to work. It’s hard to go abroad, take classes, and try to find a temporary job, all while trying to enjoy the surroundings. This is why some universities and agencies offer internships and work placements to help student gain experience, as well as income.

4. Speak the Same Language

In case you’re not learning a foreign language (or regardless of the possibility that you are) Australian do communicate in English. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making awkward hand signals or getting lost in translation, because Australians will know exactly what you’re talking about, even you have a weird accent.

5. Fun Things To Do for Students

All of the major cities in Australia are perfect for students to live, work and study. With cafes, gyms and pubs everywhere, you will most likely have a local hangout to go to every day of the week. Australian universities are also great places to join community clubs and societies, which are easy ways to make friends and go to events throughout the week.

6. Ideal Location

Australia’s location makes it extremely easy to travel to neighboring islands and countries like New Zealand, a popular destination for students and travelers alike. It is also in close proximity to Tasmania, Christmas island, and the South East Asia. 

7. Beautiful Beaches

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Bondi Beach in Sydney and Gold Coast in Queensland. If you like surfing, Australia has some of the best beaches for this.  If you like to lay out and get tan, there are perfect white sand for you to do so. If you like to experience snorkel with aquatic life, you can try the Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. 

8. Exotic Wildlife

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the world. It is home to some of the cutest animals on Earth, like the Koala, Quokka and Kangaroo. 

9. Cultural Diversity

Studying abroad means you will be introduced to an entirely different culture than the one to which you are accustomed. Australia is the second most multicultural nation in the world, and the migrants make up a quarter of Australia’s population and this is reflected in the country’s food, lifestyle and cultural practices and experience. The diversity found in Australia enables International students to get to know multiple cultures, step outside their comfort zones, and gather worldly knowledge.

10. The Unique Food

If you’re traveling around Australia and hanging around with some locals, I’m sure that you will come across some typical Australian food and while you’re here you really should try some of it!  The biggest culinary hobby in Australia is the Aussie barbecue. The barbecue, also ‘barbie’, in Australia is a way for Aussies to socialise with friends and family. The common phrase, “Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!” is funny, but completely wrong.

11. Easy Student Visas

It’s relatively easy to obtain a student visa to study in Australia. The visa applications are quick and there are always agencies or guides to help you along the way.

Generally, to study in Australia, you must have adequate finances to cover your school fees and living expenses, whether that be from scholarships, grants, or your own pocket. A recent medical check up and health insurance may be required. English proficiency is also a requirement, along with a passport, of course.

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