Top 10 Universities for Engineering in Australia 2018|

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These well-regarded universities have shown strength in producing research related to a variety of engineering programs. The engineering category includes publications covering a number of engineering disciplines, such as aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, electrical and civil engineering to nuclear energy, applied artificial intelligence and robotics, publications within this category focus on designing, building and using structures, machines and systems. All rely on the basic engineering concept of using math and science to solve problems.

The top 10 universities in Australia for engineering programs

No. University QS World  Rankings 2017/2018
1. The University of Melbourne 28
2. University of New South Wales (UNSW) 31
3. The University of Sydney (USYD) 41
4. Monash University 44
5. The Australian National University (ANU) 46
6. The University of Queensland (UQ) 60
7. RMIT University 92
8 Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 113
9. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 120
10. The University of Western Australia (UWA) 124
The program listed are provided as a general guide only, To arrive at a school’s rank in each university, the university scores were calculated base on the publicly available information from QS World University Rankings 2017/2018 or individual universities. This transformation of the data is essential when combining diverse information into a single sheet because it allows comparisons between the different types of data.

The top 40 universities in Australia for Bachelor of Engineering (Undergraduates/Degree Studies)

University Area Annual Fees 2017/2018 in AUD
  The University of Sydney (USYD) NSW $42,000
  University of Melbourne VIC $41,232
  University of Western Australia (UWA) WA $39,700
  University of New South Wales (UNSW) NSW $39,300
  Monash University VIC $38,900
  University of Queensland (UQ) QLD $38,432
  The University of Notre Dame WA $37,071
  University of Technology Sydney (UTS) NSW $36,220
  RMIT University VIC $35,520
  University of Adelaide SA $35,500
  University of Wollongong (UOW) NSW $34,992
  Macquarie University NSW $34,726
  La Trobe University NSW, VIC $34,600
  Swinburne University of Technology VIC $34,600
  Curtin University NSW, WA $34,000
  Bond University QLD $33,640
  University of South Australia SA $33,400
  Australian National University (ANU) CAM $33,168
  University of Newcastle NSW $33,160
  James Cook University QLD $33,000
  Deakin University (DU) VIC $33,000
  Griffith University QLD $32,500
  University of Tasmania (UTAS) TAS $32,500
  Queensland University of Technology (QUT) QLD $32,300
  Flinders University VIC $32,200
  Murdoch University WA $31,065
  University of Canberra CAN $30,910
  Central Queensland University (CQU) QLD $30,240
  University of Western Sydney (UWS) NSW $29,960
  Southern Cross University (SCU) VIC $29,200
  Federation University (FU) VIC $28,800
  Victoria University (VU) VIC $28,600
  Charles Darwin University (CDU) DAR $27,900
The program costs listed above are provided as a general guide for international students only. They have been sourced from the publicly available information or website from individual universities. Top 10 Universities for Engineering in Australia 2018 | Excel Education

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