Top 3 Universities in Canada for 2022

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Stepping into college life is a challenging and overwhelming period in a high-school student’s life. When it comes to choosing a university, there are many factors to look into, for instance the ranking of the university and most importantly, if your preferred university offers the courses that are of interest to you. That’s where Excel Education steps in and helps students find the right universities with all the prior information they require so you can be rest-assured before taking on this life-changing decision. 

In this article we’ve listed out the Top 3 Universities in Canada for 2022 below to help you along the journey. 

#1 University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick is an institution that evolves with its students and the changes in the education system. Founded in 1785, as one of Canada’s oldest universities, they are heavily focused on innovation for a global future. One of the great things about this institution is that it’s big enough to provide world-class facilities but also communal so that the alumni have a close-knit bond and communication with one another. 

One of the biggest advantages University of New Brunswick holds to its name is the location; being central to the business community and also populated with a diverse group of residents. They also take pride in being an institution which prioritizes extra-curricular activities by providing clubs and societies like the African Caribbean Society, the Women in Business society, the Mathematical Society, and more.

Top Courses at the University of New Brunswick

Course Name 

Course Details 

Indicative Fee

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

(Chemical Engineering)

This undergraduate program in chemical engineering provides a broad background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and detailed knowledge of chemical engineering principles.







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Bachelor of Nursing

The four-year Bachelor of Nursing program comprises a majority of coursework in Nursing, as well as courses from other disciplines, including: English, Biology, and Psychology.

A Bachelor of Nursing from UNB qualifies graduates to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)

Bachelor of Arts 


This course is available as a major, double major, or minor within the Bachelor of Arts. Students can explore the major philosophies of the past and engage with the issues and major questions of today.

Note: Above information is subject to change and taken from the respective universities websites

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#2 Laurentian University

Located on a 765-acre campus in Sudbury, Ontario, the Laurentian University has one of the most scenic locations surrounded by picturesque sights such as lakes, trails and forests. Once just a regional school, the university has now become an international leader in niches such as astrophysics and environmental remediation. Offering more than 175 courses, Laurentian University is a great option for those considering an exemplary student experience. 

Best Courses at the Laurentian University

Course Name

Course Details 

Indicative Fee

Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering

This course will provide students to study and work with professionals in one of the most productive and fertile geology in the world. They will learn to consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts that influence decisions in mining and the community.

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Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience

This course will help students understand why abnormal changes in the physical properties of the brain are responsible for many psychological and social adaptation problems. 

Students will be able to discover why some changes can produce special behaviors, such as unique talents.

Bachelor of Arts in Equity, Diversity and Human Rights

This program prepares students for careers in human resources, labor law, education, policy analysis, social work, community and advocacy services, and health care.

Note: Above information is subject to change and taken from the respective universities websites

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#3 University of Northern British Columbia

Situated in the spectacular northern British Columbia, UNBC is one of Canada’s best small-scale universities. Providing a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate learning opportunities in fields such as health, sciences, environment and culture. An institution that holds its pillar of teaching through intensive-research, UNBC takes pride in sharing the new developments around the world due to their inputs as an institution with their alumni.

Best Courses at University of Northern British Columbia

Course Name

Course Details 

Indicative Fee

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance

This program will focus on business fundamentals with a strong focus on finance.

Students will learn how to evaluate profitability and valuing real investments such as capital projects, as well as financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options and futures. 

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Bachelor of Health Science in Biomedicine

The Bachelor of Health Sciences degree is a four-year program consisting of a range of courses that relate directly to the science of health, in the recognition of the complexity that health withholds.  

Bachelor of Arts in 

Political Science 

The Department of Political Science offers the opportunity to study political philosophy, comparative politics, Canadian government, international politics and public administration.  This course will allow students to pursue a career devoted to the systematic investigation of citizenship and diplomacy in local, national and international communities.

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