Top 5 Universities to Study Banking & Finance in Malaysia (2020)

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What is Banking & Finance?

If you’re interested in the mix of business, economy, and math, taking a degree in banking and finance might be the perfect fit for you! Banking and Finance are two things that relate closely to each other. 

Banking and finance is a large field with many growth opportunities. Typically, in order to get into the banking and financial services field, most positions require a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance or business-related.

When taking a degree in banking and finance, you will be introduced to a wide range of subjects including banking, financial decision making, financial markets, accounting, and many more. This wide range of topics will give you an in-depth knowledge of the way the financial systems work.

What skills do you need for Banking & Finance course?

  • Analytical 

An analytical thinking person is really needed in the banking and finance sector. The ability to see the identify the situation, trends, different scenarios, and also come up with an answer with critical interpretations will surely benefit both you and your future company.

  • Communication skill

As with any job, communication skill is an essential key in the workplace, and it goes the same with banking & finance. It requires good communication skills to be able to deliver their opinions/ideas properly and explaining the facts. 

  • Problem-solving

Whether dealing with the financial implications of a complicated business structure or finding a solution to the dilemma of a client, the ability of problem-solving will be one of the important keys that companies are looking for. 

  • Adapt with technology

Technology has now played a big role in every sector of a business, and always evolving throughout time. Being a banking and finance student means you have to familiarise yourself with various forms of technologies and software. Not only it will help you to work better, but also improve your technical skills.

Career options

  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Bank manager
  • Auditor
  • Budget analyst
  • Broker
  • Financial manager

Recommended universities to study Banking & Finance in Malaysia

1. Monash University


General intakes

February, July, October

Campus location

Bandar Sunway


Bachelor of Business and Commerce (major in Banking and Finance)

Indicative fee (2020)

Local: RM 38,213

International: RM 43,680

2. Taylor’s University


General intakes

March, August

Campus location

Subang Jaya


Bachelor of Business (Hons) Banking & Finance

Indicative fee (2020)

Local: RM 99,430

International: RM 117,399

3. Asia Pacific University (APU)


General intakes

April, September, November

Campus location

Bukit Jalil


Bachelor in Banking & Finance (Hons)

Indicative fee (2020)

Local: RM 78,000

International: RM 88,200

4. INTI University & College


General intakes

January, May, August

Campus location



Bachelor of Banking & Finance (Hons)

Indicative fee (2020)

Local: RM 69,982

International: RM 73,492

5. KDU University College


General intakes

January, June, September

Campus location

Shah Alam


Bachelor of Arts in Banking & Finance (Hons)

Indicative fee (2020)

Local: RM 71,750

International: RM 85,450

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