Top Universities to study Data Science in UK

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The prominence of data has been up and coming across varying industries and sectors. Data is equated to gold in terms of generating insights such as weather forecasts, business insights, even cancer research. However, data alone is not capable of generating these insights – Data needs to be organised and analysed. This is where Data Science does its magic. Keep on reading to find out more about Data Science and studying Data Science in the UK.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a fast-emerging field spearheading innovation across most industries. Some examples are: In healthcare, Data Science has been responsible for personalised health care recommendations. In the e-commerce industry, Data Science has helped with automated ad placements and personalised product recommendation.

As a field, Data Science is the study employing theoretical, computational, scientific methods, as well as the knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract information from data. Data Science encompasses the extraction, collection, analysis, and the procession of said data. 

From there, Data Science is broadly capable of driving change which can improve quality of life, influence business strategies, provide solutions to problems, or discover new advancements that would bring positive impact either in capital or other ways.

In this manner, professionals of Data Science (usually Data Scientists) hold duties such as organising and synthesising large amounts of data together with the task of communicating these results and delivering thorough strategies to their clients.

However, data is everywhere and it is expansive. That is particularly why duties and careers relating to Data Science may vary depending on the specialisation, pathway, or role you decide to take.

Why study Data Science?

1. Data Science is highly sought after.

The field of Data Science continues to grow alongside the growth in the importance of data as well as the digitalisation of businesses and corporations. In regards to this, Data Science is a highly valued field with more demand for skilled professionals.

2. Data Science offers rewarding careers.

Adding on to the first point, Data Science offers rewarding careers with lucrative salaries. For instance, the London School of Economics and Political Science recorded that their Data Science undergraduates earn a median salary of £37,000 fifteen months upon graduation.

3. Data Science opens up many career opportunities.

Data Science has a significant number of career options and opportunities open. Aside from being a Data Scientist, the field of Data Science allows you to venture into other careers. For example, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, or Statistician. 

4. Data Science helps with driving positive impacts.

Data Science fundamentally derives valuable insights from data. In turn, these insights can help in driving positive impact across different sectors. Healthcare, for example, has seen progress in medical research with Data Science.

5. Data Science Degree prepares you for the professional field.

Enrolling in a Data Science degree essentially prepares you for the professional field of Data Science. A Data Science programme helps with establishing networks, developing proper skill sets, and gaining opportunities to improve employability through credentials or industrial training.

What Topic is Covered in Data Science?

These are some topics which may be covered in a Data Science undergraduate degree. It may differ depending on the education institution so, do peruse the course information for each Data Science programme. 

    • Advanced Mathematics
    • Programming
    • Statistics
    • Computer Systems
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Science Concepts
    • Perspectives in Data Science
    • Data Analytics
    • Ethics

Skills to be a Data Scientist

  • Analytical

Having Analytical skills would greatly benefit Data Scientists who are responsible in evaluating data, identifying trends, working up business strategies, and developing effective solutions. 

  • Proactive

Due to the nature of Data Science being a fast evolving field, Data Scientists need to be proactive in being resourceful to regularly keep themselves updated with new knowledge. Here, curiosity is definitely valued! There’s always boot camps to join and materials to read.

  • Communication

Most times, Data Scientists would have to translate data to colleagues or clients from a non-tech background. Solid communication skills are vital in conveying clear explanations and to avoid misunderstandings which could compromise business progress.

  • Programming and Coding

One of the technical skills a Data Scientist should have has to do with programming and coding. Mastering this skill is necessary as an analytical tool for generating insights from high volumes of data.

  • Aptitude for Maths and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics is integral to the field of Data Science. Having a strong command or an aptitude for Maths and Statistics will be advantageous when working as a Data Scientist who has to deal with algorithms and executing output.

Career Opportunities for Data Scientist upon Graduation

Listed below are some of the career opportunities after a Data Science degree. Data Science graduates might have to start with junior roles and work their way up.

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Statistical analyst
  • Application Architect
  • Database Developer

General Requirements to Study Data Science in the UK

Academic Entry

Some universities call for pre-requisite subjects such as GCSE English and GCSE Maths.

Academic Entry

Minimum Score



IB Diploma



A2 in 3 Subject





Australian Matriculation (ATAR)


Canadian Pre-University (CPU)

Average of 75% in five 4U or 4M Courses

Note: Universities may have different requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

English Language Entry Requirements

Entry Level

Minimum Score





Pearson Test of English (PTE)


SPM 1119


Note: Universities may have different requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

Top Universities to study Data Science in the UK

1. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has history rooting back to the year 1595. The University of Bristol is a renowned higher education learning institution in the UK, known to be a member of the Russell Group universities. Among universities globally, Bristol is ranked 55th for the year of 2024.

If you’re looking for an internationally acclaimed Data Science degree, the BSc Data Science programme at the University of Bristol is definitely a viable option. Graduates of the programme will also be granted the opportunity to pursue further research in a postgraduate course.

Programme Offered

BSc Data Science


3 or 4 Years



Indicative Annual Fees (2024)

International Students: £29,300

Disclaimer: A 4-year study duration includes industrial/professional placement.

Contact us right now for a free consultation if you’d like more details about the costs, the format of the programme, and the entry requirements!

2. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield, founded in 1828, is a founding member of the Russell Group. The University of Sheffield is ranked in the 104th spot among universities worldwide for the year 2024, marking their academic excellence.

The Data Science BSc programme offered at the University of Sheffield implements a range of diverse learning and assessment activities meant to properly equip its students with necessary knowledge and skills needed in the professional field of Data Science. The programme grants participation in the university’s annual Data Science Industry Day where students can network with experienced professionals.

Programme Offered

Data Science BSc


3 or 4 Years 



Indicative Annual Fees (2024)

International Students: £25,540

Disclaimer: A 4-year study duration includes industrial/professional placement or a year of study abroad.

Contact us right now for a free consultation if you’d like more details about the costs, the format of the programme, and the entry requirements!

3. University of Sussex

The University of Sussex, established in 1959, is a notable public higher education learning institution located in England. The University of Sussex offers an intellectually stimulating education experience with multiple societies meant to ensure its students’ wellbeing.

The Data Science BSc (Hons) programme at the University of Sussex provides a comprehensive Data Science curriculum alongside a supportive education experience. Students of the programme will be guided by an academic adviser throughout the study duration alongside opportunities to engage with potential employers, which is advantageous in establishing professional networks. 

Programme Offered

Data Science BSc (Hons)


3 Years



Indicative Annual Fees (2024)

International Students: £21,500  

Contact us right now for a free consultation if you’d like more details about the costs, the format of the programme, and the entry requirements!

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