10 Best Universities for Computer Science in Asia Pacific 2019

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The field of Computer Science

Computer science is a field where you study all about system software which includes the theory, design, development and application of it.The ultimate gripe of computer science is to know–in detail–how computers and computer systems work. Building on the knowledge helps us to understand how we can build and program computer systems to do as we wish. They’re also concerned with how computers store, process and interact with people and computers. With the advancement in software engineering, the key areas of study within Computer Science are artificial intelligence, systems and networks, security, bioinformatics and various other aspects of human computer interaction. 

If you like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects and have a love for design, a degree in Computer Science is the program for you. You’ll be designing and learning all about algorithms and the ABC of system software and its functionalities. With a degree in Computer Science, you can get into various careers such as:

  • Software Developer 

  • Database Administrator 

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Computer Network Architect

  • Web Developer 

  • Information Security Analyst 

  • Computer and Information Research Scientists 

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers 

  • IT Project Manager

A day in the life of a Computer Science student

QS World Rankings 2019

Top 10 Universities with a 5 Star rating in Computer Science by QS

Click here to view all universities 




QS Ranking


Boston University

United States



City University Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Duke University 

United States 


Korea University 

South Korea


University of Auckland

New Zealand


University of New South Wales



Universite de Montreal



Universiti Malaya



University of Technology Sydney 



Queensland University of Technology 


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Based on the list of the above schools:

Best destination to study Computer Science?

You guessed it right! Australia is the ultimate destination based on the QS rankings above to get your Computer Science degree. In the top 10 universities from the QS world rankings, 3 Australian universities made the cut in being ranked 5 stars for the field of Computer Science. 

Not only is Australia host to some of the most well-known and reputable universities, it is also known as one of the best place for migration, international student life and their diverse lifestyle. 

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Top 3 Universities to study Computer Science:


QS World Ranking 


Annual Fees

University of New South Wales


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

AUD 41.7K

University of Technology Sydney


Bachelor of Computing Science 

AUD 40.7K

Queensland University of Technology


Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)


 *Disclaimer: The fees is only indicative of what is displayed on online websites. For a detailed breakdown, contact Excel Education.

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