Top 10 Creative Ways for International Students to Earn Money in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country that is known for its low cost of living and as good as this sounds for international students, it has a drawback too. Unlike other countries, such as Australia or UK, Malaysia holds strict laws against any international student working in Malaysia whilst on a student visa. This leaves many students disheartened as they feel they can’t get part time jobs and earn some extra pocket money, like most college students around the world. Even in a country like Malaysia where everything is considered highly affordable, with no running personal income, the monthly budget can get tight. However, in today’s digitally enhanced world where consumers are increasingly becoming content creators, many students have found success in these unconventional legal ways to earn some extra cash in Malaysia.

1. Social Media Blogging

Social media blogging is increasingly trending in today’s age and young passionate individuals have managed to make a career out of it by just consistently creating visually appealing content. If you are passionate about anything from food, travelling, creative projects, fashion or even fitness, you could begin by documenting your experiences and end up earning through sponsorships and collaborations based on your follower-ship.

2. Affiliate marketing and Referrals

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other companies products or services through word-of-mouth or social media platforms and earning commission through the number of sales the company makes. Referrals are a common strategy used by most applications that allow you to earn discounts by recommending other people to use the application.

3. Graphic Design (Freelancing)

Skill-based talents can be a great way of making money by offering freelance services through online portals. If you are good at Graphic Designing, you can actually publish your work online and promote your work on social media. Alternatively, you could also try to sell your designs online as well.

4. Photography/ Shutter-stock

Brands, events and companies are always looking for good photographers and if you’re passionate about the art of photography you can offer freelancing services. You can actually begin earning through photography within your institute for small events or campaigns and build on your portfolio to gauge brands to hire you. Alternatively, you can also upload pictures you’ve taken on websites such as Shutter-stock, which allows users to purchase your pictures online while you earn through it.

5. Language exchange/ Home Tutoring

This option would be great for international and local students who could help tutor their peers or other students on a language they are proficient in. This could be an easy and cost-efficient way to learn a new language in comparison to paying a hefty amount in a language school. Other than linguistics, students could also collaborate with their friends and weigh in on their academic strengths and help tutor their friends for their exams.

6. eBay/Carousell Online Seller

If you’re a student who is determined to start a long-term earning venture, you can actually try to sell unique products on eBay and pre-loved items on Carousel. The function of online portals like these is to create revenue off of items that you least expect and try to reduce anything going into waste. Carousel is widely used in Malaysia and you can just about find anything on there which really allows you to sell just about anything.

7. Personal development mentor-ship

This option is unique and ideal for students with great interpersonal skills. You can actually self-study into understanding personality types and helping other students discover themselves. This can start off a club at your institute and once you have gotten enough people that have benefited from your mentor-ship, you can start charging for it.

8. Currency exchange/ stock market

For all those students who have strong analytical and mathematical skills, you can make money through currency exchange. You need to monitor the Forex and to make a profit, convert the dollars when the local currency depreciates or vice versa. Alternatively, you can also look into the stock market and buy shares and earn profit through that. Of course, this isn’t a choice for everyone, only those who really understand how the finance market works.

9. Online Surveys

Research is an ongoing process for all companies nowadays. Since companies need to meet the demands of the consumers, they are proactively seeking feedback from the general public. Many companies will actually pay students to take part in online surveys or research studies. Taking an online survey is an easy way of earning money by using your smartphone and providing your feedback.

10. Industrial Internships

Internships are a great way for students to get the experience they need prior to their employment and the more students work, the better for their own resume. Many companies offer paid or allowance based internships to students who commit to working with them for a period of time. This helps students utilise their semester breaks whilst getting the experience of working in the field of their choice.

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Did You Know?

International students in Australia are permitted to work on their student visa up to 20 hours per week
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