13 Reasons You Should Go to University of Wollongong

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1. University of Wollongong isn’t just a university. It’s a whole lifestyle experience. 

2. The Wollongong town is magical af. 

3. There are always a lot of clubs, social activities, and spots to relax and chill out on campus. 

4. And you get to take advantage of the university’s Orientation Week to grab a bunch of freebies. 

5. The UniBar always run events to keep you entertained.

6. And living on campus is a lot of fun.

7. In between the drinking, and studying, there are plenty of other great things to do as well.

8. Like climbing in Blue Mountains National Park.

9. Or visiting Nan Tien Temple.

10. Or taking a drive or a walk along the scenic Sea Cliff Bridge.

11. Oh yeah. And let’s not forget, you’re close to the BEACH!

12. Train to Sydney is pretty handy as well.

13. And FYI, when you graduate, you can put up a mask and pretend you’re a wizard.

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