7 Best Courses If You Hate Math or Science

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When talking about what are the highest demand jobs on the market, people are most likely to come up with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related jobs. Since they are highly on-demand, the pay that they’re getting is pretty high too.

But what if you hate math or science?

Does it mean I can’t get a high salary as people who had STEM-related jobs?

The answer is NO! There are certainly millions of paths to success and taking a STEM-related course/job is not the only one. Luckily, there are tons of high-paying jobs that require little math or no math at all, especially for those of you who can’t stand the idea of doing calculations all day or memorizing biological terms for a living. 

When it comes to university, there are plenty of degrees that don’t require you to be an expert in math or science. You are bound to find that suits you the most according to your desire, interest, and needs. So if you prefer to not to deal with math or science anymore in the future, here are 7 university degree that matches what you want.

1. English

If you want to advance your knowledge and skills in English, then taking an English major is perfect for you! 

When learning English, you’re not going to only learn about the language itself, but also its history, literature, bilingualism, and linguistics. It aims to get students to think creatively about the English language on a more advanced level, so it’s suitable for students who are proficient in both speaking and writing in English. When you have finished your degree in English, you are open to different kinds of jobs, such as writers, content manager, news reporter.

2. Culinary Arts

Culinary arts is the art of preparing, cooking, and presenting food in the form of meals. Taking a degree in culinary arts means you will learn how to cook like a professional that will develop your skills and knowledge in order to have a successful culinary career.

A degree in culinary arts is not only learning how to cook and present food, but also includes business and management subjects, such as accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. You will also learn how to work in a kitchen for it to run effectively.

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3. Music

One of the branches of performing arts that you can choose is music! Majoring in music means you’ll need to learn not only singing and playing instruments, but also the history, theory, composition, and its latest technology. This knowledge will help you prepared for your future career.

A music degree can lead not just for a career as a performer, but also to a variety of other musical professions as well, such as composer, conductor, electronic production and design, band director, and many more. 

4. Mass Communication/Public Relation

Mass communication relates to delivering information to as many people as possible at virtually the same time. It usually includes broadcasting, advertising, public relation, and many more. The benefit of pursuing a degree in mass communications is that you’ll improve your interpersonal skills that are necessary for a large number of jobs. People with this degree can fit with different career situations.

The study of mass communication includes the behavioral and psychological aspects of media messages. Due to the use and effects of mass communication, there need to be regulations, policies, and law to help control its practice.

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5. Early Childhood

If you like to interact with children and looked after them, early childhood can be your degree choice!

Early childhood educators play such an important role in a child’s development. They expose children to the joy of learning while playing and give them the foundation for lifelong success. Early childhood education involves learning how to interact and teaching children from birth up to the age of 8. A career in early childhood can be very challenging yet inspiring and satisfying at the same time since dealing with children was never an easy job.

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6. 3D Animation/Digital Film Production

One of the branches of art that you can choose is 3d animation, which combines art, design, and technology. The art of 3d animations mostly uses computer-generated graphics to produce animated imagery for movies, video games, applications, and many more. The degree will equip students with the necessary computer skills and knowledge related to animation to prepare them for their future careers.

7. Journalism

Journalism is the perfect field for someone who has an open mind and love being able to analyze different situations and events. Journalists are said to have very important roles in society as they hold the power of the information being received by the public. They also have a big influence with the news they put out, as it provides society with information on various topics that they use to make decisions about different aspects of their daily life, their communities, their society and the government.

Journalism is known as the art of delivering real-time news and events to society by gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news and information. 

As a Journalist, your key responsibilities would include investigating news and events, gathering information, writing up new pieces and delivering them to the public in an honest manner through various mediums such as newspaper, radio, magazine, websites or even social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). 

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That’s it for our recommended courses! If you have any inquiries related to courses above or other courses that haven’t been mentioned, feel free to talk to us! Contact us to find out more, we provide the best consultancy services for FREE!

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