7 Tips You Need if You are Struggling to Study Online

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7 tips you need if you are struggling with studying online article

Good news for you!

You have probably come across too many tips to study online and tips for online learning success involving things like discipline, time management, timetable, study schedule and all of the things that you already knew you need to do in order for you to pull off online classes — we are not here to tell you the same thing.

Rather than guiding you on things you should do and shouldn’t do – here is the list of simple heart-warming things that can make the journey just a little easier for you.

1. Buy a mini plant - Get yourself a cute friend

Having greens around your room — giving out fresh air for a better day, a cute mini indoor plant is the one thing you never knew you needed. 

We might forget that we have been living together with trees and plants mostly because living in the city, all there is to see are mostly tall buildings. Why don’t we bring them closer and keep them at home to appreciate them more? It’s always nice to have a new company. 

We suggest you give them names! We promise you’ll grow fond of them.

For students who already have one or maybe tons of them, we bet you know how good it feels to have them around — you can opt for a new one! (The more the merrier, right?)

2. Write tons of Post-its from you to yourself - Be your number one supporter

When was the last time you complimented yourself? 

You probably feel drained and unmotivated these days because you haven’t been talking to yourself to remind you that you are doing great — not everyone can pull off online classes, and everyone is not used to it but you’re here still holding on.

You need to acknowledge that you did great. 

Write tons of post-it notes for yourself (make it colourful if you prefer — or stay with that one favourite colour of yours if that’s better) and put it around your study space, wherever that is easy to see, especially when you are studying. Include compliments, encouragements and even your mini goal for the day, week or month. Eg: Don’t fall asleep during classes today.

It can be as simple as “You will be fine.”. Simple but comforting words can make you feel better most of the time.

3. Create a playlist for you to listen to - Music can always change your mood

It’s true that songs can shift our mood from bad to good and vice versa, it all depends on the way we perceive the song — the way we resonate to the song. Why not use this to its advantage?

Having a really good playlist of songs for study purposes can be pretty helpful. This is your time to explore and get to know what kind of songs that give you good energy and boost up your motivation for the day. Some people prefer instrumental songs to start off the day — some like it funky and energetic, what’s your type?

It doesn’t hurt to give yourself a better morning by listening to good songs. Go and create one for yourself today! You might want to change the playlist from time to time — a few changes always makes it better.

4. Shop for cute stationeries - Find joy in little things

We often forget to find pleasure in the little things.

As much as studying might feel a little bit heavy on certain days, there is always a way to make it all feel just a little bit better. 

Why not try buying cute and beautiful stationeries today and see how good that will make you feel? You can shop them (notebooks, pens, highlighters, markers, etc) according to your preferences — this is all about you after all. 

Although the joy of buying stationeries may not be something that will remain until the end of your semester — it can be a one-time thing and still make you feel better. We all love pampering ourselves. 

The stationeries are the things that will be with you together in the classes, you might as well make it be the aesthetic that you like to see. What you see can affect what you feel for the day.

5. Build a snack corner - For you to munch on when it gets sleepy and tiring

We get it, studying stressed you out. It might result in you binge-eating and most of the time you won’t feel good about it afterwards. 

Here’s what we suggest you do; build a snack corner solely for studying purposes — specifically for when you’re stressed out with studying. Try to mix healthy snacks in as well (there are tons of delicious healthy snacks for you to choose from) in order to make you worry less about the snacks that you half-consciously consume. 

It gets sleepy and boring sometimes — snacks might give you the energy you need to proceed with the class or assignment. And it gets really difficult and frustrating at times — snacks might be able to give you the comfort you need.

Just make sure to balance it out with healthy snacks then you’re good to go!

6. Play dress up - Play around with your wardrobe

Majority of the students feel like they have lost the joy and privilege of dressing up for classes for the sake of their self-esteem due to the classes being delivered online. 

“I will only stay in my room, why do I need to get dressed properly? It’s such a waste.”

The answer is simple — dress up for yourself.

You’re right, no one is there to see you from head to toe. Heck, they might not even see the beautiful makeup you put on. But will it be a waste? No. You do it for yourself to feel good about yourself — and to remind you that you manage to look great even in the middle of a crisis. You do it to impress yourself.

You can try making it more fun by coming up with different colours for every week! Now, you will not waste the cute outfits you have in your wardrobe and that great makeup skill you have been practicing during the quarantine — show them off to yourself! It will somehow make the journey feel a little less heavy for you.

7. Cry healthily - Let it out when it's needed

Last but not least, here’s the opportunity for us to remind ourselves again that we are humans after all — we have feelings so it’s okay to break down once in a while when it all feels a little too much. It doesn’t make you less of a strong person. We promise you that.

Crying helps most of the time — not going to lie.

When it all seems too heavy for you to carry, you have all the rights in this world to take a break. You can spend the whole day crying in your room. No matter how long it takes for you to get back up again, find the strength to go on and come back. You can take a break as much as you need but always remember that studying is a commitment — it’s a responsibility, giving up is never an option.

Just cry when it’s needed, you will be okay.

Talk to us if you need advice and encouragement, we are here to help.

A warm reminder for all

Once and for all, it’s worth to say that this new trend of online studying doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds — we have days where we are energized and pumped up for the day, but it’s important to note that we also have days where we fall down and find it difficult to get back up. 

During difficult times like these, be just a little bit gentler and kinder to yourself — try to do things that you enjoy doing, and embrace the tiniest joy you get to experience in the middle of fighting a crisis. It’s important to take care of yourself when things around you are not going well.  

We can’t control the pandemic, but we have the ability to control ourselves — so let’s try our best.

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