Why do I need to go to Educational Consultants?

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(The Importance of Educational Consultation before pursuing your study)

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A lot of people might never heard of educational consultants; even if they have — they have no idea about the concept of educational consultation and the importance of utilizing it especially in their decision-making when it comes to their study pathways.

Who are Educational Consultants?

Educational consultants are experts in the higher education sector that help parents or students in planning their personalised education.

What do Educational Consultants do?

  • Personalised advice on study and career options
  • Qualification assessment and certification service
  • Education placement consulting
  • Visa and migration advice
  • Student Services (tuition fee payment, flight arrangement, visa processing, pre-departure briefing, accommodation arrangement, etc)

Why is it important to consult with Educational Consultants?

1. Know your pathway

It’s difficult to plan your journey when you have no idea of the route you need to take to have a smooth journey that will be worth it in the end. Educational consultants are experts in giving you the information that you need to know; the shortcuts or the safe journey depending on your priority.

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2. Create a hassle-free journey

Knowing everything in a short period of time might be impossible when it comes to studying. A lot of research is necessary for you to know which one is the most suitable for you, you might be confused about the pros and cons for each choice that you have in mind. Educational consultants’ duty is to make it easier for you all in one stop; the university fees, the scholarships, the visa arrangement, and many more — they have got it all covered for you.

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3. Broaden your choice

There are various programs and courses to choose from and it’s not an easy choice to begin with. How do you know which one suits you better? Is there any program that you might not know about? Educational consultants are responsible to expose you to the underrated programs and courses that might be the best one for you.

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4. Recognized Universities

Educational consultants prioritise the quality of education and aim to give the best service to their clients. They are the qualified and trusted party that is partnered with the best universities that provide the highest quality of education for the students. Fret not, students will graduate with recognized certificates that will ease the journey of finding jobs.

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How is the Process of the Consultation?

  1. Counseling
  2. Submit Application Form
  3. Awaiting Response
  4. Accepting Offer
  5. Applying for Visa
  6. Accommodation and Travel Arrangement

Step 1 – Counseling

Students will be met by experienced and helpful educational consultants to discuss your study plan and career options. They will give you the best recommendation based on your preference and the entry requirement to the university.

Step 2 – Submit application form

Students are required to prepare the documentation before an application can be submitted. The documents required for applications are;

  • Latest academic certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • Financial statement
  • Reference letter

Step 3 – Awaiting response

Most institutions will take between 2-4 weeks of processing time. Students will receive decisions either directly from the university or via educational consultants.

Step 4 – Accepting offer

Students are encouraged to accept offers (even for conditional offers) as soon as possible by paying deposit to the institutions. Failure to accept may result in the offer being withdrawn.

Step 5 – Applying for Visa

Educational consultants will assist in your document preparation on your Visa application. Commonly required documents include;

  • Academic transcripts
  • CoE Offer letter

Step 6 – Accommodation and travel arrangement

Educational consultants will assist all confirmed students in the following services;

  • Pre-departure briefings
  • Accommodation arrangement/airport pickup (only selected institutions)

Where can I go for an Educational Consultation Session?

Excel Education has been living its passion providing FREE educational consultation for both local and international students. Our experienced consultants are delighted to assist the students on the universities, courses, fees, scholarships and any educational queries.

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