All About Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and What Can You Expect From This Degree?

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To father who runs business(es) and happens to read this article, you might be wondering how to pass on your business to your next generation without failing in between the transition. Myself as an education consultant, my best advice for you is to first choose the right education program for your kid(s) and shaping his/her mindset before you offer them traineeship position in your company.

Is Entrepreneurship Degree A Good Course to Study?

To student, if you are planning on taking over your family business 1 day. An entrepreneurship degree might be the right place for you. Entrepreneurship’s degree usually compromises a wide area of business studies such as accounting, marketing, operation, business planning, distribution and other business topics which are useful to run a business successfully. You should by the end of your studies, you will be able to gain complete knowledge of core business disciplines. Besides that, it also helps you to develop critical entrepreneurial skills and mindset that are essential for you to become an entrepreneur.

What is Entrepreneurship? 

Entrepreneurship can be found in any type of industry or workplace. While all of them have a common threat which is ambitious, could think beyond the square and love personal challenge. Most importantly, they are constantly searching for a solution to the problem or question that they had encountered in their daily life. Problem-solving skills are the most important element for entrepreneur. For example, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia founded Airbnb, an online marketplace that provides accommodation rental for short-term travellers. It all started when they themselves were facing trouble affording rent in New York and nearly all the hotel in the city was consistently booked. They recognised those problems and came out with an idea to solve the problem which is launching the Airbnb business. Thus, if you love to solve problems and want to bring your idea to life rather than working under someone else. You could be an entrepreneur in the making and getting an entrepreneurship degree may be the best choice for you.

What can you do with an Entrepreneurship degree?

With an entrepreneurship degree, students could venture into various careers. An entrepreneurship degree does not limit you to only become an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurship graduates who are not ready to start their own business have used their skills to work in different job roles. Generally, an entrepreneurship degree will prepare students for a career in the management of small and medium retail export or sales enterprises.

Career prospect for Entrepreneurship graduate:

  1. Management consulting – involve helping other entrepreneurs in solving problems within the organisation in varied industries, functional areas and even geographies. Your entrepreneurship background may help to identify things that others may not pick up and helps to fix them.
  2. Research and development – Involve identifying the viability of the business idea and helps to create a business that will be well-positioned to grow.
  3. Sales – For someone who works in the sales department, they need to be well represented to a company, managing accounts and follow up on leads. Therefore, this position may also be suitable for an entrepreneurial degree as someone who runs this department need to know how businesses run.
  4. Business Reporter – Writing article or report that revolves around the field of business. You can utilize your knowledge to make the business section more interesting.
  5. Recruiter – Companies may need to rely upon recruiter who has an in-depth business sense. Thus, having an entrepreneurship degree that teaches you wide business area function including finance, marketing and a variety of others, you are most likely to have a keen sense of the type of person who is right to fulfil a position.
  6. Mid-level management – At an MNC or a big company, the ground force will do all the working, while the mid-level management converts ideas into execution. Therefore, mid-level management is well suited for graduate will an entrepreneurial degree.

Is Bachelor of Entrepreneurship a right program for you?

  • Do you love solving problems?
  • Are you analytical and good with details?
  • Are you ready to embark on the entrepreneurship journey?
  • Are you able to handle tough moment during the first few years of your start-up journey?
  • Would you like to make an impact on the society?
  • Do you have a never say die attitude?

If your answer is yes for most of the questions, you may be a good candidate for an Entrepreneurship degree.


Why study Bachelor of Entrepreneurship or Master of Entrepreneurship

Still deciding? Here is some great reason to study Entrepreneurship

  • You can work in diverse field and job roles
  • Be your own boss
  • Studying entrepreneurship gives you important insight into various functional areas
  • You can change the way people live and work


Recommended College/University for Entrepreneurship programmes in Malaysia

  • Curtin University (Sarawak, Malaysia)
  • SUNWAY University (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Limkokwing University of Creative and Technology (Putrajaya, Malaysia)
  • HELP University (Damansara, Malaysia)
UniversitiesCourseDurationCourse fee per year (2018/2019) 
Curtin University (Malaysia Campus)BCc (Hons) Accounting & Entrepreneurship3 YearsRM 21,912
BCc (Hons) Marketing & Entrepreneurship3 YearsRM 21,912
SUNWAY UniversityBA (Hons) Entrepreneurship (Validated by Lancaster University)3 YearsRM 29,883
Limkokwing University of Creative and TechnologyBachelor of Business (Hons) in Entrepreneurship3 YearsRM 16,367
HELP UniversityBachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) (Hons)3 YearsRM 23,200

The program listed are provided as a general guide only, the course fees were captured base on the publicly available information on the internet. Please consult with our education advisor for further assessment.

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Recommended College/University for Entrepreneurship programmes in Australia

  • Curtin University (Perth and Sydney)
  • University of Technology Sydney (Sydney)
  • University of Western Sydney (Sydney)
  • Macquarie University (Sydney)
  • Kaplan Business School (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide)
  • RMIT University (Melbourne)
UniversitiesCourseDurationCourse fee per year (2018/2019) 
Curtin UniversityBCc (Hons) Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 28,600
BCc (Hons) Accounting & Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 28,600
BCc (Hons) Marketing & Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 28,600
Master of International Business & Entrepreneurship2 YearsA$ 29,400
University of Technology SydneyBachelor of Management3 YearsA$ 33,130
Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship1 YearA$ 39,920
University of Western SydneyMaster of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)2 YearsA$ 28,760
MACQUARIE UniversityBA (Hons) Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 31,800
BC (Hons) Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 36,300
BBA (Hons) Leadership and Commerce with major in Entrepreneurship4 YearsA$ 36,300
Kaplan Business SchoolMaster of Entrepreneurship1 YearA$ 20,700
RMIT UniversityBachelor of Entrepreneurship3 YearsA$ 32,640

The program listed are provided as a general guide only, the course fees were captured base on the publicly available information on the internet. Please consult with our education advisor for further assessment.

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