How to get an internship in Australia for International Student

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Internship opportunities are hard to come by, but it is hard to argue that doing an internship while completing your studies will do more harm than good. Studies have shown that international students will benefit from doing an internship while completing their studies as they are able to put theories (learned in University) into practice. 

An internship will usually open the doors to greater career success as you will gain invaluable knowledge, experience and skills beyond what you learn in class. More importantly, it will also connect you with valuable network through mingling with employers & colleagues whom will be providing you with career opportunities in the next phase of your life.


How do you decide which internship is right for you?

Ideally an internship which you should go for is a role that will enhance your chosen career path or your field of interest. When you are deciding on an internship – do consider factors such as your personal interest, hobbies and things you don’t mind doing on a repetitive basis. There is nothing worse than doing something you do not like for 7 hours a day, 35 hours a week for 3 months. While horning your skills and experience in the role you aspire to become, be rest assure that these skills are usually transferable in different industries. For example, if you are doing digital marketing in a real estate industry, the skills you acquire can also be implemented in the hospitality industry – so do not be too picky on the industry but focus on acquiring the right skill.


How do you increase your chances of getting your desired internship?

Let’s face it, it will (most likely) be a huge challenge to get an internship role in a Forbes Top 200 Company in the World or even a paid internship. Furthermore, while holding a student visa it gives the impression to your employers that you will be heading home soon. Employers will tend to select interns which has potential to be a full-time employee and able to commit with the organisation for at least 3 years without the hassle of dealing with the Australian Immigration Department. In these circumstances, it is advisable to seek for small-to-medium companies (known as SME). 

What do you need to prepare when applying for an internship?

The application process for an internship position is often identical in each organisation. You will either submit an online application via the company’s website or through a 3rd party agency (recruitment firm). You can source these opportunities through various websites similar to SEEK (Australia’s number 1 job site). Be sure to produce a resume which has a combination of education experience, extra-curricular activity, charity work experience and most importantly your professional career experience. We can assure you that employers will value your work experience in 7/11 or Mac Donald’s more than your academic successes. Also, you will need to practice on participating job interviews and there is no blueprint to success in this area. The best advice we can give is to search on the internet on useful tips and go through a couple of interviews to overcome your nerves – practice makes perfect. A great tip for you is to study the organisation’s background and development goals through its website, social media or simply just making a trip to the company and observe its business operation.


Setup or improve your LinkedIn profile

In the age of the digital revolution, it is common for employers to take a sneak peek of your Facebook profile & LinkedIn page. It will usually project a positive impression of you if have a LinkedIn profile as Australians love using LinkedIn. It is also an excellent tool that allows recruiters (job agents) to match potential employees to employers. You can also join your University LinkedIn group to connect with alumnus in senior roles of various organisation and refer you to the right channel to apply for an internship.


Internship through Excel Education (E2) 

E2 have established great network with companies across Australia. It is part of our commitment to help international students studying in Australia to gain opportunities for career success by completing an internship. You can find out more information on the internships available through our online page and apply from there


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