Applying for Scholarships in Australia 2019

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Tips on applying to scholarships in Australia

Importance of Scholarships

Scholarships are a great outlet for equal opportunity of education. Higher education is no longer a choice but a must in today’s world, however, the increasing costs of higher education continually make it challenging for students to pursue their choice of field in their preferred institution.

5 reasons why applying for scholarships is important in 2019

Rising cost of tuition fees

Let’s state the obvious: Education isn’t getting any cheaper. With the increasing competition and international student applications worldwide, students are expected to see a rise in fees in 2019. With this concern, it is essential that students at least try to apply for scholarships in their desired universities, especially for programs such as Engineering which is exceptionally expensive.

Rise of student debt

Millennial’s are having a tough time to manage their expenses due to the rising expenses of living costs around the globe and are compelled to work part-time to manage their expenses. Additionally, with most student jobs being taken over by technology, students are having a tough time finding part-time work as well. In countries like the UK, students often spend more than 4 years after graduating to pay for their hefty student loans.

Get closer to pursuing your passion.

Education systems and course variety have a come a long way in recent years. Students have more variety than ever to pursue what they like in the form of a degree, diploma or certificate program. By applying for scholarship, students can choose to pursue their own unique passion without having to justify it financially to his/her parents. Be it music or theater, you can find scholarships for all types of courses nowadays.

Live better and independently

When your annual fees is waived through scholarship, you have the opportunity to live independently in an apartment that you can afford. You get to live the bachelor life as a student!

Secured job after graduation.

Scholarships help you during your education and post-graduation too. Certifying that the institution granted you a scholarship is a very notable achievement on your resume and gives you an advantage with your employers.

Tips before you apply for a scholarship

 1. Contribution on communities along with grades

One of the biggest misconceptions is that scholarships are wholly based on grades. Most merit-based scholarships look at grades as much as your contribution to the communities, so make sure you prepare to apply for you scholarships by taking part in voluntary service and maintain your grades at a good level.

 2. Apply to several different universities 

Most students consider at least 5 universities to apply to so they have a better chance at getting at least one scholarship offer from one of them. It’s always better to have back up options and a variety of institutions to choose from. Some universities might impose application fee when you apply directly with them, you could save the expenses if you approach authorised representative like us,enquire now.

 3. Research on the types of Scholarships

Types of ScholarshipDetails
Merit-BasedBased on academic and overall excellence, offered by most institutions
Australia International students ScholarshipsMost countries have specific scholarships for their international students.
Citizen scholarship partnershipsYour own country may have specific scholarships from certain countries and institutions for their citizens
Institutions Scholarship ProgramsEvery institution has their own type of scholarship programs so researching on the best scholarship program is equally important as your course program

 4. Apply through experienced agents

Experienced agents have inner links with various institutions and can often request for the best scholarship options for students that apply through them. Excel Education offers various student-related services for no extra charges.

Benefits of applying through Excel Education

  • Fast turn-around to get you the offer letter without charging any processing fee
  • Personal consultation on education
  • Student visa assistance

Top 5 universities in Australia that offer the best scholarship opportunities

UniversityLocationBest coursesTop Scholarship Opportunity
Griffith UniversityBrisbaneHospitality, DesignInternational Student Excellence 25% Scholarship – High School Leavers 
University of TasmaniaTasmaniaMarine Science, MedicineThe Tasmanian International 25% Scholarship (TIS) 
Kaplan UniversitySydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, BrisbaneBusinessRegional International 10 – 25% Scholarships
La Trobe UniversityMelbourneLaw, Health, ArtsThe La Trobe College Excellence 25% Scholarship (CES)
Edith Cowan UniversityPerthEngineering, Computer ScienceECU Excellence Scholarship

Note: There are many more scholarships are available other than the listed above, to know about more scholarship options, enquire now.

Best Scholarship opportunity from University of Melbourne, Australia

University of Melbourne, one of the ivy league universities in Australia is offering up to 50% Scholarship for students who completed their Pre-university programs from the following institutions:

  • Trinity College Foundation Studies, Australia
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
  • Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  • HELP University, Malaysia
  • Taylor’s College, Malaysia
  • Sunway College, Malaysia
  • Markham College, Peru
  • Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

To find out the best Pre-university programs in Malaysia, check out: Pre-university Programs in Malaysia: where to begin?

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