Best countries to immigrate to in 2019

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Why do people choose to migrate?

Migration has been happening since the beginning of time. People often choose to migrate for the betterment of their future. One of the main reasons for people to migrate is economic reasons. People often choose to emigrate for better employment opportunities in the host nation as opposed to their native nation. In addition to economic stability, people are also compelled to migrate due to political and security reasons. When your native country becomes a place which is unsafe to the point where it impacts your livelihood, people often choose to permanently or temporarily migrate. Often cultural factors such as values and beliefs, also encourage people to migrate to a country which is either more secular or non-secular.

Most Popular Countries to Migrate Comparison Table 2018

CountriesVisa-free travelAverage time to Citizenship (including PR)Approx Investment Amount
Australia1696 yearsUSD 701,000
USA1747 yearsUSD 500,000
Canada1727 yearsUSD 509,000
UK1756 yearsUSD 2.5 M
Malaysia164N/AUSD 100,000

Most popular countries to migrate to for citizenship or residency:


Over 133,000 people from 190 different countries became Australian citizens in 2015-2016. 

Ranked 7th on the Henley Index, an Australian passport enables you to visit 170 countries without a visa. Many immigrants choose to migrate to the nation down under due to its high employability prospects, the standard of life and overall ease of immigration. Australia is a great country for international students who wish to work while studying. The job prospects and visa processing and residency for internationals is usually positive.

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United States of America (USA)

According to the 2016 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, the United States admitted 1.18 million legal immigrants in 2016

The green card is a notable one of the strongest citizenships in the world with visa-free travel to approximately 174 countries. Becoming a US citizen allows the common man to live the American Dream and attain several benefits. Some of the benefits include ease of travel, in-state tuition, medical benefits and much more.


Under its Multi-Year Levels Immigration Plan, Canada is expecting to welcome nearly one million new immigrants between 2018 and 2020.

The Canadian passport is one of the most secure and respected travel documents in the world. Becoming a citizen of Canada allows you to visit up to 172 countries visa-free. As a country that is recognised as a friendly and tolerant country, lifestyle and culture allow anyone to live by their by own means. Some of the common benefits include voting rights, running for political positions and being able to work government jobs. In Canada, students can actually avail their permanent residence in approximately 5 years time, including the years on a student permit.

United Kingdom (UK)

In the year ending June 2018, there were 224,097 Tier 4 (sponsored study) visas granted, a 5% increase on the previous year.

The United Kingdom, once part of the European Union, is one of the world’s most famous and popular nations to reside in. Due to its strategic location amidst the various countries in Europe, it is a great destination for travelling. Becoming a citizen of UK, allows you to visit up to 175 countries visa-free which includes most of Europe. Some of the other benefits include the best medical care for free, no work restrictions, stable society and economy and the right to vote. Many students who wish to study in the UK, prefer to go to more cost-efficient countries such as Malaysia and then enrol into an exchange program which allows them to complete their final year in the UK. This allows them to pay less throughout their course but ultimately graduate and settle in the UK.

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Malaysia (Permanent Residency only)

In 2015, the net migration rate for Malaysia was 5.31 migrants per thousand population. A total of 136,293 international students from over 150 nations are currently enrolled at the higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries to live in Asia. It is safe and culturally diverse with various ethnicities peacefully coexisting. The benefits of residency in Malaysia include the ease of visa processing, cheap costs for quality standard of life and various travelling opportunities within South-east Asia. Many students consider coming to Malaysia for their higher education as it is an easy way of gaining degrees recognised by many partner universities abroad whilst living the cost-friendly life.

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Looking for an easy route to citizenship or residency?

The various options to secure residency or citizenship to one these countries is often an expensive and lengthy procedure. In Australia, average annual university fees cost USD 25,000 whereas the annual investment cost for citizenship would cost USD 100,000. Therefore, through the route of international higher education, you could actually get to your dream destination by investing a relatively less amount and gaining not only your permanent residency or citizenship but also a highly accredited degree. Alternatively, you may even apply for an inexpensive Diploma program and pursue a degree later on whilst completing your residency procedure.

Many international students enjoy their time in Australia so much that they apply for permanent residency so they can continue to live and work in Australia.

According to a report from May 2017, it reveals that Australia is host to 502,544 international students which was 14% higher than the international student enrolled in May 2016.

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