Bachelor of Education in Malaysia

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What is Bachelor of Education?

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) can be the ideal degree for you if you’re enthusiastic about teaching and having a good effect on the next generation. With a B.Ed, you may develop the abilities and information required to succeed as a teacher while also learning how to instruct and motivate young minds.

You’ll learn about several facets of Education during your studies, including Curriculum Development, Instructional Strategies, Classroom Management, and Child Psychology. Additionally, you’ll get actual teaching experience in schools, enabling you to put what you’ve learned to use in a real-world situation.

A B.Ed can lead to some professional prospects in the Education field, including teaching in public or private schools, working in Educational administration or policymaking, and even pursuing higher Degrees in the field.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Education will also provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re influencing young people’s lives for the better, influencing their future, and assisting them in realising their full potential. So, think about earning a Bachelor of Education Degree if teaching is your passion, and you want to make a better world for your future generations!

Career with an Education Degree

Studying for a Degree in Education directly prepares you for a range of careers working with children and young people, such as: 

Career Opportunities



With a Degree in Education, teaching is the most apparent option. Teachers can be found in a wide range of Educational institutions, from kindergartens to tertiary institutions.

School Counsellor

Helps students discuss their problems, thoughts, and feelings in a confidential setting. Their duties include helping students adjust to the culture of a particular school, completing administrative tasks, and working with school staff to create a supportive environment.

Community Education Officer

The role of a Community Education Officer involves organising and promoting local education or training opportunities to encourage community participation.

Curriculum Developer

A Curriculum Developer creates a curriculum that delivers learning objectives. These roles work with education professionals to develop materials for instructors to use in their courses. Curriculum developers observe classes and create a curriculum that increases student success.

Learning Mentor

Learning mentors provide assistance and direction to children and young individuals who are experiencing difficulties with social, emotional, or behavioural problems that impact their learning capabilities.

Teaching Assistant

The role of a Teaching Assistant (TA) involves providing support to students in their academic, emotional, and social growth. This support can be given on an individual basis, in small groups, or to the entire class.

Early Years Teacher

The role of an Early Years Teacher (EYT) is to inspire and engage young children, utilising creative resources to facilitate learning and development up to the age of 5 years. Our programme offers a secure and nurturing environment for children to enhance their social and communication skills. We also maintain records of their progress and accomplishments through observation and summarization.

English As A Foreign Language Teacher

EFL teachers are professionals who assist individuals of all ages in the UK and other countries to learn or enhance their English language skills.

Special Education Teacher

Special Education teachers work with students who have learning, behavioural, or physical disabilities to provide individualised instruction and support.

Education Technology Specialist

Education technology specialists work in educational institutions and private companies to design and develop innovative educational technologies and support their implementation in the classroom.

Skills required for Educators

  • Communication

Educators need to be able to communicate with their students in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. You need to be able to express ideas clearly and concisely while keeping your students hooked!

  • Patience

Teaching can be a challenging and often frustrating job. Thus, educators need to have very high levels of patience and resilience to succeed.

  • Multitasking

Educators need to juggle many tasks at once, from lesson planning and grading to dealing with student needs and emergencies. The ability to multitask is essential for a successful teaching career.

  • Creativity

Creativity is essential for educators to keep their lessons fresh, exciting, and engaging. Come up with fun ideas, activities, and projects that will inspire your students to learn and grow.

  • Flexibility

Each one of your future students is special, and your teaching environment is unique. Teachers must be nimble thinkers who can shift gears rapidly and modify their methods as required. You can deal with everything that comes your way if you just prepare for it.

Are you eligible to study Bachelor of Education?

Academic Entry

Academic Entry

Minimum Score


5 Credits


3 Credits


CGPA 2.00





Australian Matriculation (ATAR)


IB Diploma


Note: Universities may have different requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

English Language Entry Requirements

Entry Level

Minimum Score







Note: Universities may have different English Language requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

How to become a Teacher in Malaysia

There are three ways for you to become a teacher in Malaysia. Let us explain it to you step-by-step.

Option 1: Foundation in Arts/Finance/Science

Initially, upon completion of SPM or an equivalent qualification, you may enrol in a one-year Foundation program in Science, Arts, or Finance. You may then choose to pursue a Non-Education Degree or a Degree in Foundation. If you opt for a Non-Education Degree, such as in Finance, Science, or Arts, you can apply for the Fellowship Programme. This programme involves working as a teacher under contract with the Ministry of Education (MOE) through Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan (SPP). Upon completing two years of the programme, you will have the opportunity to apply to remain in the education system as a Teaching Alumni.

Option 2: Diploma in Education

If you decide to pursue a Diploma in Education immediately after completing SPM, this is the quickest route to becoming a teacher, as the Diploma typically takes around 2.5 years to finish. Once you have completed the Diploma in Education, you may choose to either continue your studies with a Degree in Education or Non-Education Degree, or you may opt to become a teacher right away.

Option 3: STPM/ Matriculation/A Levels/ Equivalent

Similar to the Foundation route, after completing STPM/Matriculation/A Levels or their equivalent, you may choose to pursue a Degree in Education. Upon completing your Degree, you will be eligible to work as a teacher. Alternatively, you may opt to pursue a Non-Education Degree and then apply for the Fellowship Programme before becoming a teacher.

These three are only general pathways to become a teacher. For the Fellowship Programme, you also need to meet the requirements, such as:

  • Be a Malaysian citizen, aged 32 years or younger 
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Have strong verbal and written English and Bahasa Melayu communication skills
  • Possess a minimum credit (C) for Bahasa Melayu in SPM
  • Be a graduate from a local public or overseas university recognised by  the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • Have a strong academic track record

If you are interested to learn more about becoming a teacher, you may refer to the Ministry Of Education’s Website or for other related jobs related to Educator, we are only one click away!

Universities to study Bachelor of Education

1. Taylor’s University

At Taylor’s University, the Bachelor of Education (Honours) curriculum offers a range of specialisations to give students the professional knowledge, abilities, and dispositions they need to be global educators, developing future leaders at any level of education. A wide range of employment choices are available thanks to their multidisciplinary approach and carefully chosen blend of specialisation and supplementary study. Taylor’s alumni are also ready to participate in a variety of learning environments thanks to private and international practicum possibilities. 

Taylor’s programme is compared to and acknowledged by the top universities in the world for providing the top teacher preparation curriculum that creates educators who are prepared for the future.

Programme Offered

Bachelor Of Education (Honours)

  • Primary Education
  • Business & Economics
  • Teaching of English
  • Early Childhood Education  
  • Special Educational Needs


3 years


January, March, September

Indicative Fees (2023)

Local students: RM 95,806

International students: USD 28,213

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

2. University of Nottingham Malaysia

To prepare students for careers as primary or secondary school teachers, the Bachelor of Education TESOL programme is offered at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. The training equips participants with the theoretical background and hands-on experience necessary to organise lessons, present those lessons, evaluate student progress, master classroom management, and maintain a professional demeanour in all settings.

This programme provides an individual with the opportunity to advance in the field of education. Teaching is a profession that involves a commitment to impart knowledge and skills, and it offers opportunities for personal growth and development through practical teaching experiences. By pursuing this programme, one can gain insight into their own personality as well as that of others. Moreover, one can take pride in helping many people achieve their educational and professional goals, while also promoting learning across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Programme Offered



Indicative Fees (2023)

Education (TESOL) BEd (Hons)

4 years


Local students: RM118,800


International students: RM142,400

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education (TESOL) BA (Hons)

3 years


Local students: RM89,100


International students: RM106,800

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

3. SEGi University

The goal of the Bachelor of Education (Hons) programme is to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed as teachers in both public and private educational institutions. As a result, the programme offers a fantastic chance for non-graduate teachers, school dropouts, and those considering a career in education to better prepare themselves with a thorough grasp of the knowledge and abilities essential for an educator.

Graduates of this course will be familiar with the development of Education’s History, Philosophies, systems, practises, and difficulties. The programme will give students the skills they need to recognise the types of problems and learning experiences that students encounter, as well as to become professionally involved in curriculum planning, management of educational institutions, and the advancement of their profession.

Programme Offered

Bachelor of Education (Hons)


  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • TESL
  • Guidance & Counselling


3 years


January, May, August

Indicative Fees (2023)

Local students: RM 74,950

International students: RM 82,525

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

4. HELP University & Colleges

HELP University was established in 1986 with the aim of offering affordable and high-quality education to Malaysians who were unable to access tertiary education due to the limited number of local universities and the high cost of studying abroad. The popularity of HELP is due to its distance learning centre for MBA studies and its status as an approved offshore delivery centre for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from prestigious UK and Australian universities, including The University of Hull, University of London LSE, and Charles Sturt University.

The B.Ed in TESL(Hons) programme is designed to equip graduates with the essential knowledge and skills required to teach English as a Second Language in an effective manner. This programme offers excellent teaching skills in the English language, led by a team of highly qualified lecturers. You are invited to participate in this education programme that focuses on English language acquisition and teaching. This programme is both exciting and beneficial, as it prepares individuals for the challenges they may face in these areas.

Programme Offered

Bachelor of Education (TESL)


3 years


January, May, August

Indicative Fees (2023)

Local students: RM 66,000

International students: RM 66,000

For more information on the table presented above, contact us now!

For more information regarding the university, programmes offered, entry requirements and fees, contact Excel Education.

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