Becoming a Veterinarian in Australia

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What is a Veterinarian?

veterinarian is a doctor who studies animal health and helps to protect the welfare of both animals and people.

Many veterinarians detect animal health conditions, vaccinate against viruses, treat animals with parasites or illnesses, wash and dress wounds, repair bones, perform surgery, and counsel owners on animal food, actions, and training. 

Veterinatians can also apply to both human and animal welfare. A variety of veterinarians collborate alongside clinicians and experts to identify ways to prevent and handle different problems that can impact human health.

To work this occupation, you must have a strong interest in Science, since your training will consist mostly of science-based coursework in this subject. 

Why should you study VETS?

  • The satisfaction to help animals

One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that our own hands can be useful for not only other humans, but also other species. Thus, it is one of the advantages of becoming a veterinary, the fact that this field of study is a hugely impactful career choice for both humans and animals.

  • Well-paid salary

The demand of veterinarian always increasing every year. The average salary for a Veterinarian in Australia is ranging from AUD$60,000 per year.

  • Career options

Jobs for veterinary in Australia are projected to grow strongly over the next years, according to Job Outlook. Additional career opportunities are available for a Veterinarian such as feed companies wildlife agencies, academic institutions, and veterinary pharmaceutical sales companies.

  • Interacting with animals

For animal lovers, they would have a strong interest in pursuing this career path at a young age. Helping and caring for those innocent and helpless animals by providing shelter and food for them.


Alternative career options with a Veterinary Science Degree

There are certainly plenty of job opportunities for those of you who took a degree but don’t want to be a veterinarian. Here are some of other options that you can definitely choose :

  • Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician is an assistant of Veterinary Surgeon, helping during the surgery by passing tools and other tasks. Examine, test, and provide service to animals including performing various physical tests such as gather blood samples, examine pet’s ears and eyes and measure the temperature.

  • Veterinary Consultant

Take care of a pet is not easy, the owner would need to have the essential knowledge about the “do” & “don’t” on their own pet. A Veterinary Consultant provides helpful advice and knowledge to the pet’s owners, helping them to understand more about their pets.

  • Veterinary Nurse

A Veterinary Nurse is much similar to Veterinary Technician but Vet Nurse involve in surgery and emergency procedures. A Vet Nurse is qualified to undertake the diagnostic test, medical treatment, and minor surgical procedures.

Pathway to study veterinary science

Top universities to study veterinary science in Australia

1. University of Sydney

University of Sydney was founded in 1850 as a public research university. It consists of 9 faculties and provide a wide range of programmes such as bachelor, master, and PhD.


Bachelor of Veterinary Biology 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)




6 years

Academic Requirement

Year 12 High School certificate (UEC/STPM/Matriculation)

Pre Requisite subject: Maths, Physics, Chemistry.

English Requirement

IELTS: A minimum result of 7.0 overall and a minimum result
of 7.0 in each band

TOEFL IBT: A minimum result of 96 overall including a
minimum result of 23 in Reading, Listening and Speaking and 25 in Writing 

Indicative Fee (2020)

AUD 52,000 (Bachelor + Doctor)

Scholarship Opportunities

Up to AUD 10,000 per annum

2. University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne was established in 1853, main campus is located in Parkville. It covers 10 academic units and it was considered as one of the oldest universities that provide excellent service and quality.


Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)




7 years

Academic Requirement


STPM: 3.30

Matriculation: 3.50

Pre Requisite subjects: English, Mathematics and one of Biology,
Chemistry or Physics.

English Requirement

IELTS: 6.5 or more with no band less than 6.0

TOEFL: 577 or more including a score of 4.5 in the Test of Written
English for a PBT, or a score of 79 and scores of 21 for writing, 18
for speaking, 13 for reading, 13 for listening for IBT

Indicative Fee (2020)

AUD 45,944 (Bachelor) + AUD 71,488 (Doctor)

Scholarship Opportunities

Up to AUD 22,000 per annum

3. University of Queensland

University of Queensland was established in 1909, located in Brisbane, Australia.  It was known as one of the Australia’s leading universities for its professionalism and expertise.


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons)




5 years

Academic Requirement

Malaysian STPM

Pre Requisite subjects: Mathematics (SPM level),
Mathematics T, Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

English Requirement

IELTS: Overall 7; reading 7; writing 7; speaking 7; listening 7.

TOEFL IBT: Overall 100, listening 25, reading 25, writing 27,
speaking 23. 

TOEFL PBT: Overall 600, listening 59, reading 59, writing 64/6.

Indicative Fee (2020)

AUD 66,592‬ (Bachelor)

Scholarship Opportunities

Up to AUD 10,000 per annum

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