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History of Griffith University

Griffith University is a public research university situated in South East Queensland. It was established in 1971. Griffith initially started out with one campus and 451 students, since then, the university has been growing steadily to accommodate over 50,000 students across 5 physical campuses and 1 digital campus which was launched in 2018. The university is environmentally friendly and socially conscious with the purpose of providing students better experiences while studying.

Griffith University Rankings

Griffith is a highly reputable university in Australia which provides degrees that are internationally recognized , with over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for students to choose from.They were also Australia’s first institution to introduce degrees in areas such as environmental science and Asian Studies.

Griffith is ranked 19th as a young university in Australia and amongst the Top 2% of universities worldwide. They have maintained a position at 37th in the Top 50 university under 50 years in 2020 under QS world University rankings. The institution also offers subjects ranked in the Top 100 in the world:


Global Subject Ranking 

Australian Subject Ranking

Indicative Annual Fee 2020

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management



AUD$ 28,500

Bachelor of Nursing



AUD$ 31,500

Bachelor of Sport Development



AUD$ 32,000

Bachelor of Social Science 

51 – 100


AUD$ 28,500

Furthermore, Queensland Conservatorium is one of Australia’s leading performing arts schools offering a variety of degree programs in areas such as Classical Music, Jazz, Musical Acting, Music Technology and Education. It is a part of Griffith University, making it the only university in Queensland to be ranked in the Top 50 Performing Arts Universities 2020.
Here are a few of the recommended courses from the department of Performing Arts at Griffith :



Indicative Annual Fee (2020)

Bachelor of Arts 

3 years 

AUD $28,500

Bachelor of Acting 

3 years 

AUD $31, 000

Bachelor of Musical Theater

3 yearsAUD$ 31,000

Bachelor of Music  

3 years AUD $31, 500

For more information about the course entry requirements and application process, please contact Excel Education.

In addition to the above mentioned courses ranked globally, there is a wide range of reputed courses available at Griffith from the following teaching schools : Arts, Education and Law, Griffith Business School, Griffith Health, Griffith Sciences.

The following are a few of the recommended courses at Griffith University :



Indicative Annual Fee (2020)

Bachelor of Engineering

4 years 

AUD$ 35,500 

Bachelor of Pharmacy
[Recognized by Pharmacy Board Malaysia

4 years

AUD$ 33,000

Bachelor of Business

3 years

AUD$ 28,500

Bachelor of Information Technology

3 years 

AUD$ 31,000

If you are interested to know more about the available programs and application process, Please contact Excel Education.

Griffith University Clubs and Societies

Griffith strongly believes in life beyond academics which is why the university aims to ensure that all students are provided with top quality teaching as well as extra curricular activities. Griffith has a wide range of clubs and societies for students to participate in. Students can take a break from their studies and engage in extracurricular activities to make new friends with the same interests and learn from one another.
Griffith Gold Coast campus activities are overlooked and handled by Student Guild, which is designed to complement academic experiences and meet student’s social and welfare needs. For more information please proceed to Griffith Clubs and Societies

Griffith's Student Support Services

Griffith offers a comprehensive range of student support services to assist students through their academic and personal lives at the university. 

The following are a few of the Student Support services available at Griffith : 

  • Academic Support – English help, technical support and consultations are offered to help students with any of the difficulties they are facing with their studies.
  • Personal support needs – Students can connect with counselors, international student advisers, student advocacy groups and a range of services that to assist student with any personal needs.
  • Cultural Support Services – It is quite common for international students to experience cultural shock from relocating to a new country, therefore, cultural support services are in place to help students smoothen the process of settling down in a new environment.
  • Employability Support – Students can gain access to resources and information to help enhance their skills and knowledge required to develop a professional profile to get ready for the world of employment upon graduation.

If you are interested to know more about the extra curricular activities and support services at Griffith, Please contact Excel Education.

Living in Queensland

Studying abroad can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to tuition fees, accommodation and general living expenses. Griffith University offers on-campus accommodation across all campuses. Most of the accommodation are apartment style and is close to all campuses, local shops, and sport facilities and considerably quite cheaper than living in other major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. 

Furthermore, It is important to keep in mind that Griffith’s campuses are located in two of the cheapest cities to study and live in Australia : the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

The Gold Coast is ranked 1st for affordability in Australia and 84th in the world. Weekly student expenditure varies between an average of AUD$480-$520. Brisbane is the 4th cheapest city to live in Australia and ranked 22nd “Best Student Cities in 2019”. Students on average would have to spend approximately AUD$500 – $533 per week for general expenses. 

To know more about studying at Queensland check “Top reasons to study in Queensland 2020”

Furthermore, studying at Griffith has many benefits apart from its  academia and extra curricular activities. Recently it was announced that the Gold Coast has been classified as a Regional Area in Australia. As a result, students graduating from Griffith are eligible for 1 year work permit visa in addition to many other benefits such as being awarded extra points when applying for Skilled Migrant Visa in Australia. To know more about Regional Australia and its benefits check “Top Universities to study in Regional Australia 2020”

If you are interested to know more about studying and living in Queensland, Please contact Excel Education.

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