The Benefits of Studying in University of Tasmania

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Study at a Regional University for better job prospects and PR in Australia. Tasmania is one of the best places to study in Australia.

What is Tasmania:

 “Natural Paradise” Tasmania is 26th largest island in the world. It is an Australian island and state. It is 240 kilometres south of the continent, separated by Bass Strait. Only 1 hour from Melbourne by air and less than 2hours from Sydney. Tasmania is considered to be the Australia’s Favourite Vacation spot. It has beautiful beaches, lovely mountains and shimmering lakes. Not a very crowded place. Hobart is the capital and largest city of Tasmania. In Tasmania you can swear by cleanest Air and purest water. To know more about Tasmania visit

Living in Tasmania

Living expenses in Tasmania is much lower cost as compared to other states of Australia. It is said that Living is Tasmania will range between $12,000$ to 14,000 per year which will include food, accommodation, travelling etc.

University of Tasmania

UTAS is 4th oldest Public University in Australia founded in 1980 and it comes under Sandstone Ranking. It is a medium sized University. This University is located in the regional places of Australia. It has population of approximately 26,400 students with 10,000 international students from all over the world. It has 2 campuses:  Hobart Campus, which is the largest one, and Launceston campus.

For Research UTAS receive high amount of Grant from Australia government to sponsor to the students who are planning to do to research from there. (Tasmania University)

Working Opportunities in Tasmania

In Tasmania, students are able find better jobs as compared to the other cities. Average wages vary between $14-30 per hour. There is less competition for jobs during studies.

State Sponsorship

Tasmanian Government sponsors the graduates of University of Tasmania after studies under state sponsorship scheme. Student’s have much better chances of getting the sponsorship in this state than Victoria and New South Wales.

Tasmania has lot to offer from education to jobs, from perfect lifestyle to enjoying festivals and scenic beauty. In Tasmania you live a stress free life.

Regional City

Tasmania is officially declared as one of regional states of Australia. students have advantage of studying in regional areas of Australia. You will get extra bonus point for having studied and stayed in a regional city of Australia.


University of Tasmania receives lot of funding from Australian government for their extensive research activities. Because of this reason, University of Tasmania tuition fees for international students are lower than many other universities of the similar status and ranking. University of Tasmania also offer various scholarships to meritorious students. You cost of study becomes extremely competitive when you study in Tasmania. For more information, click here.

This is a unique opportunity to study at Australia’s historic southern sandstone university.  Click Here to book your free consultation with our experienced consultants today to discuss this further!  

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