Five Benefits of Studying at Regional University in Australia

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Study at a designated regional university for the extra migration benefits have been a most discussed topic in recent years. Some criticisms we consistently hear from international students are the shopping district usually close as early as 4 pm, and there is not much activity available on the day to day basis. The fun part is the wildlife such as Kangaroo or Koala can be easily spotted within the residential or university areas sometimes.

Below here are the five benefits of studying at a regional university

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1. Affordable cost of living

Lower cost of living if you compared it to the big city such as Sydney or Melbourne. Research has been conducted by us by collecting the information from the internet and interviewing our students living in different regions. Base on our finding, we found that student can live comfortably in a luxury apartment in Townville by paying as low as AUD 1000 per month. While in Sydney, students need about AUD 2000 – 2500 per month to survive in the city within a cramped environment.

CitiesThe estimated cost of living in AUD
Sydney2000 – 2500
Adelaide1500 – 1700
Hobart, Tasmania1500 – 1700
Perth1200 – 1500
Darwin1200 – 1500
Townville800 – 1200
Cairns800 – 1200

2. Better integration with the Australian culture

Some students might find that the student population in regional universities are smaller compared to the university in the big cities, which means that there is a close community integration where students can easily meet and get to know each other around. Check out the population of Townsville where it houses one of the most prominent Universities of Australia – James Cook University.

3. Migration Opportunities

Chances of gaining extra points towards Permanent Residency – If you are thinking about applying for permanent residency in Australia once your studies are over, studying in a designated regional area will give you an absolute advantage. Study in a regional area will entitle five extra points in the application for Australian permanent residency.

4. Relaxing Lifestyle with City Facilities

If you can work-around on the regional culture whereby most shops or restaurants that close as early as 4 pm in the evening, for instance, by doing your shopping early. Regional areas provide a vacation lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Consider being able to go for a short swim at the beach or fishing in the lake during your spare time between classes. Many regional areas are very well developed with most of the basic facilities, such as clinic or bistro to what you would find in the capital cities. One of the main differences is that these regional areas are more relaxed, and you will feel as if you are part of a community because everyone probably knows each other.

5. Peaceful Academic Atmosphere

Most regional universities are famous for the beauty of its natural environment. From tropical rainforests to white sandy beaches, rolling hills, red deserts and the iconic ‘bush’, Australia really does have it all. Regional universities are the best places to experience Australia’s natural environment.

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