Scholarships for International Students in Canada for 2022

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A nation that has been named as the 3rd best country in the world for education, Canada is one of the most desirable student destinations for international students. The best thing about this destination is that you get world-class education at a comparatively affordable cost. Moreover, with the variety of scholarship options they provide for international students, you’re sure to find a suitable one for yourself!

Every student wishes to go to the best universities in the world but the reality is that it gets quite expensive for international students. To help find the right scholarship opportunities for you, here are the list of financial aid and scholarships available for international students in Canada.

Types of Scholarships

University/College Scholarships

These scholarships are considered as a part of the application to a university. They don’t entail certain requirements but this scholarship tends to differ based on the university. The best way is to check out what financial aid options your university offers as it is very subject at every institution. 

Merit Scholarships

This is one of the most common scholarships that most universities provide. This is awarded on the basis of a student’s level of success and does not look at the financial background of the student. Students who excel in academics, extra-curricular and community work can often look into merit scholarships of their desired universities. 

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Financial Scholarships

This is a scholarship given to students who provide evidence for a financial need, also known as bursaries. Every university has their own quota and requirements for financial aid but many Canadian universities do allocate some for international students. 

Government-funded Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by the government, for both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled for these scholarships. 

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Top 3 Universities in Canada to Apply For Scholarships

#1 Carleton University

A university with brimming talent, commitment and passionate faculty and staff, Carleton aims to deliver excellence in supporting the education and research that highlights Carleton as Canada’s Capital University.  Founded in 1942, this institution is host to over 27,000 students with a funding of over $28 M in scholarships and bursaries till date. 




Faculty Based Scholarship

Based on individual faculty requirements + Minimum 80%

From $4000 

Entrance Award

Application before deadline 

Minimum 80% 

From $4000 and increased based on score 

Financial Bursaries 

Based on financial need and supporting application

Minimum $5000 per year

Note: All information on scholarships is taken from the university website and subject to change

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#2 Ryerson University

With over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, Ryerson is host to over 45, 000 students, with a large proportion of international students from all around the world. This institution is known for its deep roots in research and innovation along with a revolutionary history of educational success. 

Ryerson University offers merit scholarships to internationals students, who score above 80% in their senior year of high school, could be awarded of up to CAD$4,000! 




Prestigious Entrance Award 

Application with essay and 2 references demonstrating academic excellence and creative ability 

Up to $10,00 annually

Guaranteed Scholarship

Application before deadline 

Minimum 86% 

From $1000 onwards based on score

International School Secondary Merit 

Minimum 85% with personal statement

Up to $5000

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#3 Laurentian University

Laurentian University prides itself for providing students a Canadian academic journey which is truly wholesome in providing an experience of cultural and global integration. Laurentian offers exceptional higher education and research experience in French and English, with focus on indigenous education. 

Laurentian offers financial funding options for those who require further assistance to attain an education at the Laurentian University. 




Academic Excellence Scholarship

High School Average 


Up to $4000 in first year

Entrance Award

Application before deadline 

Minimum 80-85% 

Based on Faculty*

Financial Bursaries 

Based on financial need and supporting application

Minimum $5000 per year

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