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The world that we live and grow in is ever-changing with in-demand technical skills constantly evolving. However, the emphasis on soft skills such as critical thinking, effective communications and relationship-building has always and will always be  a deal breaker in any workforce. Flexibility and critical thinking allows for a more forward-thinking individual that is prepared to face a broad range of careers. A degree in Liberal Arts will give you exactly that! Unsure of what the study of Liberal Arts is? Read more to find out.

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts is known as the umbrella degree to which is an interdisciplinary course, covering a broad scope of topics within the humanities including social science, natural science and formal science. The aim for a liberal arts undergraduate degree is to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to flourish in many different industries. 

Fields that fall under Liberal Arts include: 

  1. Science – statistics, mathematics, algebra, logical reasoning 
  2. Humanities – philosophy, religion, literature, linguistics, arts, teater, music & languages 
  3. Social Sciences – law, history, sociology, psychology, economics, earth science & geology 
  4. Natural Science – chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy & archaeology 

Why should you study Liberal Arts?

If you’re still debating whether a liberal arts degree would be beneficial for your future, here are some key reasons by pursuing a Liberal Arts degree would be best:

  • Prepares students to work in a variety of fields 

A Liberal Arts degree provides students with a strong and wide variety of foundation knowledge in multiple areas of specialties than in comparison to pursuing a degree specialised in only one area. Throughout their degree, students will get introduced to subjects they might not have ever gotten the opportunity to learn from a specified degree.  Upon graduation, students will be able to make a more comprehensive and informed choice in picking their career pathway. 

  • Builds a foundation for pursuing graduate study 

Liberal Arts being an interdisciplinary course of study enables students to build a solid ground beneath them to prepare them if they were to option into pursuing their graduate study. The diverse fields of studies  gained gives students the chance to navigate themselves from one industry to another. 

  • Diversified skill set for higher employability  

Liberal Arts graduates are widely known by industry specialists as one of a kind capital. A degree in Liberal Arts emphasizes soft skills that many employees are dying to have. Highly valuable skills such as effective communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills are MUST for any job. These acquired qualities will enable them to adapt to various environments and thrive in society as they have a broad perspective of the world around them. Graduates are also known to be incredibly good at storytelling and articulating complex ideas which are perfect in building your personal brand.

Career Pathways After Studying A Liberal Arts Degree

Upon graduation, you can look forward to various doors of a variety of industries to dive into, where you can put your soft skills to play. Here are some career pathways you can consider, categorized by majors within Liberal Arts: 

*Note: Keep in mind, some of the career paths recommended may require higher levels of qualifications. 

a) Sociology

Social Worker: Working to help solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. Social workers specializing in family welfare also protects vulnerable families and children in need of assistance and support. 

Community Development Officer: Work to bring social change and improve the quality of life in communities, by helping individuals and families.

b) Communications

Public Relations Manager: Craft media releases and develop social media strategies through programs to create awareness for individuals or brands whilst measuring engagements.

Graphic Designer: Work to use their creativity and artistic visualizations to create visual concepts. Many times, these designs are used in business for websites, advertisements, social media posts and even print publications.

c) English

Journalist: Work as the eyes and ears of the public in reporting news and events. They research, write, edit and proofread materials to be published in televisions, radio or even print publications such as magazines, journals and newspaper columns. 

Editor: Work for fact-checking along with correcting spelling, grammar and punctuations. Polishing everything as refined as possible before the content is published.

d) Psychology

Counselor: Offer guidance through assistance and support to individuals that are dealing with issues that affect their wellbeing and mental health state. They aims to improve their quality of life by encouraging clients (individuals, couples, families, children) to discuss emotions and experiences

Human Resources Specialist: Work with the human capital of a company. You will be in charge of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees along with resolving internal conflicts faced by employees. 

Unsure of the differences between majors and which one to choose? For more information on specific entry requirements or application process, contact Excel Education! 

General Entry Requirements to Study Liberal Arts in Malaysia





Min. 2B’s and 1C


Min. 3B’s


Min. GPA 3.3


Min. GPA 3.0

Australian Matriculation

Min. ATAR 82


Min. 1A and 4B3’s

*NOTE : Different universities have different entry requirements. Contact us for more information.





Min. Band 4


Min. 6.5 


Min. 87

Pearson English Test 

Min. 71

*NOTE : Different universities have different entry requirements. Contact us for more information.

Top Universities to Study Liberal Arts in Malaysia

#1 Monash University Malaysia

Image Credits: Monash University

Program Offered 

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences 

Major in: 


-Film, Televisions & Screen Studies 

-Global Studies 

-Gender Studies 

-Public Relations 



Program Duration 

3 years (Full time) 


February, July or October 

Indicative Annual Fee (2021)

RM37,132 (Local students)

RM 42,446 (International students)

#2 University of Nottingham Malaysia

Image Credits: University of Nottingham

Program Offered 

Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Hons) 

Program Duration 

3 years (Full time) 



Indicative Annual Fee (2021)

RM 28,500 (Local students)

RM 34,600 (International students)

#3 Taylor’s University

Image Credits: Taylor's University

Program Offered 

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) 

Specialise in: 

  • International Relations
  • Social Innovation & Change

Program Duration 

3 years (Full time) 


March and August 

Indicative Annual Fee (2021)

RM 28,856 (Local students) 

RM 35,538 (International students)

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