Study Mechatronics in Engineering in Australia 2020

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New Age

As you may be familiar, the world is in its post-industrial revolution stage. A post-industrial society means putting prominence on providing services instead of goods, valuing knowledge more than physical labour in human capital, and above all, behavioural and information technology is being rapidly developed.

Which is why you’ll see communications degree start to include social media in their syllabus, business degrees incorporates e-marketing, and medical degrees urge their students into using more computerised medical technologies.   

Mechatronic and AI

In this respect, you can ride the information technology revolution wave too! By undertaking a mechatronics specialisation in an engineering degree, you will learn the fundamentals of mechanics, electronics and computing, thus combining them to create and improve technical systems and machinery. 

You will most likely learn about creating ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), which is extremely prevalent in the current information technology era. As it is the core component in making existing technology ‘smarter’, pushing our common tools and appliances towards automatic functioning. AI can help in the smallest and simplest way possible, such as an autofocus camera, or a clothes dryer that can detect humidity to estimate how long it needs to dry all your clothes.

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But Wait, Mechanical or Mechatronic?

Students often get confused with these two specialisations as they not only share similar names, but also has some borderline similarities.

We intend to explain this once and for all:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

Logic of force, motion, and energy

Innovating technology to work ‘smarter’

Knows all aspects of mechanics

Knows some aspects of mechanics

Does not involve computing

Involves computing

Deals with physical hardware and machines

Deals with both physical hardware and its innate computing system

* But do note that these are just generalisations, for more detailed information, you should contact us.

Classes in Mechatronic

As slightly mentioned above, your mechatronic degree may include classes like:

  • Mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering (software & hardware engineering)
  • Computer science
  • Systems engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Optical engineering
  • Telecommunications

1. Monash University

Study Engineering in Australia

Bachelors of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

First Semester: February

Location: Melbourne

Fees: AUD $46,000

Monash University is a global leader in engineering, with attachments with  offers a flexible first year programme which provides a foundation for your future specialisations, such as Mechatronics. They also provide many outdoor activities to hone the practicalities of engineering, such as Monash’s Engineering Leadership Program, or the Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI).

2. The University of Queensland

Bachelors of Mechatronic Engineering (Extended Major)

First Semester (February)

Location: Queensland

Fees: AUD $45,120

The University of Queensland equips students with the fundamentals of science and engineering. Preparing them for established, but also newly emerging areas of engineering. They also value workplace soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and project management. The UQ engineering degree is highly reputable as it is internationally accredited and accepted.

3. The University of South Australia

Bachelors of Engineering (Honours)(Mechanical and Mechatronic)

First Semester (February)

Location: Adelaide

Fees: AUD $35,900

With this distinct focus in engineering, The University of Southern Australia challenges students to tackle real life problems such as: mechanics of materials and machines, fluid and energy engineering, materials and design for manufacturing, and control systems and engineering maintenance.  

4. The University of Melbourne

Bachelors of Science (Mechatronics Systems)

First Semester (March)

Location: Melbourne

Fees: AUD $39,628

The University of Melbourne would make sure students in this major become experts of mathematical modeling of mechanical systems that can carry out tasks. A machine’s performance and environmental sensing are important products from computer programming. Of course, there are more to mechatronics than what has been mentioned, and the University of Melbourne will cover it all!

5. The University of Western Australia

Bachelors of Engineering Science (Robotics and Mechatronics)

First Semester (July)

Location: Sydney

Fees: AUD $31,440

The University of Western Australia has high quality facilities for aspiring mechatronics and robotics engineers, such as integrated hands-on laboratory programs. You will learn a combination of skills of mechanical and computer/electrical engineering that are paramount in this forefront industry in innovating the world’s finest technology. This includes the study of robotics, computer control, automated manufacturing, microprocessor applications and machine design.

Let’s hope this breaks it down for you! Good luck in making your public health career a dream come true! Contact us for any information! We’d love to help!

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