Study Locally or Abroad: Which choice is the best for you?

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Students who are trying to decide where they want to further their education are having a difficult time deciding whether to study in their own country or elsewhere. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of pros and cons linked with any of these options. Studying in your native nation as well as studying in another country may both provide you with a good education and open up numerous doors for you professionally.

However, some of their dreams are to go to a university that is located far distant from their hometown so that they may receive exposure to different things. To pursue their education after spm, some students decide to attend one of the top campuses located in another country. To what extent, though, is it true that studying abroad is usually enjoyable? If you were to choose between studying locally and studying abroad, which option would be better for you?

We have included a list of frequently asked questions and the answers below for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is study in Malaysia much cheaper than study Abroad?

It is often said that obtaining an education in our own nation, which uses our currency, would result in much lower costs. This is perhaps the most important element for many people to consider. This is particularly true in the country Malaysia. This is due to the fact that studying in a foreign country requires financial commitments in the form of a visa, passport, foreign currency, flying fees, and other such expenses. In addition to these costs, you will be required to make financial contributions in the form of course fees during the length of the program.

But, there’s always an option for those who are not having any issues with finances. To determine how much it will cost you to study in another country, you will need to look at both the typical tuition rates that are charged to foreign students in that country as well as the cost of living there. When it comes to being financially prepared, one option is to search for scholarships to study either locally or overseas.

You are free to contact us for more information about scholarships!

If we study Abroad, will we have more career opportunities?

Personally, there are ups and downs when it comes to finding jobs in Malaysia or outside of the country. Studying in a country with better job chances is one of the primary draws for international students. Even if you weren’t born in that nation, your chances of being approved to work overseas are quite high. This is particularly true if you are able to develop relationships with local experts while you are studying in that country.

It’s likely true most people say that there are more job opportunities when you study abroad. This is because you will bring with you a fresh understanding of culture, improved language skills, a higher level of education, and an eagerness to absorb new information. It goes without saying that all of these things are highly enticing to potential employers in the future.

There are a lot of students who still want to stay with their host nation to the point that they decide to look for jobs there. If you are able to connect with the culture, you will discover that obtaining a local education will be of great use to you while looking for work in that nation. In addition to the information you acquire at foreign colleges, the experience you get there, along with that information, will be an invaluable asset for your future profession.

How will the environment be when I study in Malaysia and when I study Abroad?

Study Locally

  • Will adapt easier

You will surely adapt easier because you won’t have to adjust to a new culture, cuisine, people, weather, or language; these are the kind of things you’ll be exposed to if you decide to study abroad. This can help alleviate some of the worries you have about making this decision.

  •  Familiar environment

The familiar environment will also make it simpler and quicker for you to explore new areas inside the institution, giving you more freedom to do so. Studying locally, where it is easier to locate somewhere to eat, and where it is less likely to put a significant dent in your bank account than studying abroad on the other side of the world, may be advantageous.

  •  Less exposure

Study in your home country may lead you to less exposure about outside’s culture and more. Moving to a new country for the purpose of furthering your education forces you out of your comfort zone and provides you with the chance to interact with individuals from a different culture. Despite the fact that remaining in your own country may be enticing, you should consider about how much more you will develop and learn by moving to another nation.

Study Abroad

  • More to adapt

You will surely take time to adapt all the new cultures and foods in a new place but you have the opportunity to learn all those traditions and activities. One of the many advantages of studying in another country is the chance to go to new places and explore the natural and cultural attractions of the country in which you are living.

  • More independent

There’s a possibility for you to get a culture shock in a new place. Because studying abroad requires being away from home, experiencing homesickness is normal. However, if this emotion is allowed to fester without being addressed, it has the potential to snowball into something more serious, such as depression. Staying away from your familiar places requires you to be more independent on yourself.

  • More exposure and experiences

While you study abroad, you won’t be restricted to traveling just inside the country in which you are enrolled; rather, you’ll be able to visit the nations that are in close proximity to it as well. Students who spend time learning in a different culture have the ability to be more proactive problem solvers and have less anxiety when confronted with novel circumstances. Open-mindedness may also be developed by studying alongside individuals who come from a variety of different backgrounds.

When looking to study abroad, which country is the best?

#1 Australia

Amazing beaches, majestic mountains, gorgeous natural landscapes, and, of course, the opportunity to interact with kangaroos are just some of the things that Australia has to offer. Studying in Australia will provide you the opportunity to see some of the unique species that inhabit the nation, as well as some of the unusual flora that is native to Australia. Australia is a nation that has many universities that rank highly on the global scale due to their high levels of academic excellence.

The higher education system in Australia is one of the best in the world, with around 22,000 courses offered by 1,100 institutions. This system is systematic, logical, and disciplined, and it takes a futuristic perspective; this is one of the reasons why the nation is rated ninth in the world in terms of the provision of high-quality education. What makes the school system in Australia special? More than 22,000 courses at the bachelor’s and master’s levels are offered by the nation’s 1,100 educational institutions to the country’s population of students.

#2 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a long tradition of offering education of a world-class standard, and universities in the United Kingdom often score high in international university league tables. These institutions also attract some of the most talented academics from across the globe. Students at British universities are equipped with the knowledge and experiences that will enable them to be successful in the field of their choosing, as well as the critical and creative thinking abilities that have made British institutions famous across the world.

The United Kingdom is home to a dizzying array of tertiary educational establishments, and almost each and every one of them welcomes applications from students from other countries. You have the ability to choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as combine your classes, in order to create a degree program that is tailored to your specific requirements and areas of interest.

#3 Canada

Canada is a natural destination for thousands of foreign students because it has one of the longest coasts, immense wilderness, cities that are on par with the best in the world, and a culture that embraces tolerance and variety. The fact that a significant number of Canadian universities are featured in reputable international rankings, the Canadian Ministry of Education has recently developed an educational strategy that places an emphasis on increasing the number of international students attending Canadian universities. Because of this, foreign students from any region of the world are now more than welcome to study in Canada, which is one of the reasons why the country has become so popular in this regard.

The comprehensive educational strategy encourages international students to look for employment while they are pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and to continue living and working in the country after they have completed their degrees. The cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Quebec have the highest concentrations of international students, and each of these locations offers a dynamic and exciting ambiance. Students in Canada have the opportunity to have a fulfilling academic life while also participating in a wide variety of fun extracurricular activities.

Where can I stay when I study in Malaysia and Abroad?

Usually, the chosen university already provides in-campus accommodation. Provided stays basically have their own room facilities as well. In the event that this is not the case, you will be responsible for finding your own place to stay. If money is not an issue for you, one option to explore is renting your own apartment. On the other hand, students on a tighter budget could look for shared housing with other students or utilise web listings to locate spare room opportunities.

To determine how much it will cost you to study in another country, you will need to look at both the typical tuition rates that are charged to foreign students in that country as well as the cost of living there.

Here we include the estimated costs of study in each country for your reference.

Average Costs of Study in each Country per year

Costs / CountryMalaysiaAustraliaUnited KingdomCanada
Tuition feesRM29,000 – RM200,000AUD $20,000 – $45,000£10,000 – £26,000C$20,000 – C$30,000
Basic living expensesRM20,000 – RM25,000AUD $19,000 – $21,000£10,000 – £16,000C$10,000 – C$18,000

*All of these amounts are estimated and may be not accurate due to economic changes and updated information.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in receiving further information and specifics about the price of studying at the institution of your choice.

What are the popular courses for undergraduate degrees student to study in Malaysia and Abroad?

Whatever interests you most may serve as the basis for your educational path of choice. There are many different courses from which you may pick to further your profession in the future. However, the issue that needs to be answered is: which one is the most suitable for you? Have a look at some of the most popular courses in each country:


  1. Business Management Courses
  2. Engineering Courses in Malaysia
  3. Medicine

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  1. Accountancy
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Agricultural sciences

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United Kingdom

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Data science
  3. Computer science

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You are free to continue your education either in your home country or anywhere else in the world; the decision is entirely up to you. You also have the option of selecting a university that corresponds with either your areas of academic interest or your past academic background. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want assistance navigating the steps involved in selecting the top institution available to you, whether it is in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world. You can always count on us to be here to assist you! 

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