Studying Digital Animation in Malaysia

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In a rapidly evolving, technologically advanced world where visual communication is the norm, digital animators are in high demand in television, movies, video games, corporate films, education, and mainstream news media. A digital animation course can be the right choice for you if you have always wished you could make animated cartoons, visually spectacular films, or even video games.

What is Digital Animation?

Digital animation is a type of computer-generated imagery (CGI) that emphasises moving pictures. Digital animation solely refers to moving visuals, but CGI can also refer to static digitally created images. It all revolves around adding motion, emotion, and personality to static images. It includes both 2D and 3D animation, enabling the stunning visuals and special effects seen in blockbusters like Transformers, Lord of the Ring, Avatar and so on.

The Subjects You May Learn in Digital Animation Course

During your course in Digital Animation, here are some of the subjects that you will be studying:

  • Animation Design
  • Digital 3D Animation
  • Digital Film Production
  • Character Animation
  • Digital Illustration
  • Visual Culture

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Essential Skills Required for Digital Animation

The following is a list of the most important qualities and skills that one should have in order to be successful in digital animation course:

  • Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a necessary ability if you want to produce immaculate animations, find errors in scripts, and continuously execute at the high level expected by the profession.

  • Creativity

Any artist needs to be filled from the inside out with creativity. Animation is strange; thus, artists that work in this medium need to have a rich source of inspiration and ideas. A 3D animator needs to have the ability to incorporate elements of reality into fantastical settings naturally.

  • Time management

For animators, time management is a crucial ability. Because most animation studios put in a lot of overtime and have very tight schedules. You should be skilled at managing a lot of tasks at once. You won’t be able to meet deadlines if you don’t have good time management.

  • Communication skills

Animation professionals hardly ever work alone. To make sure everything functions smoothly, you must regularly deal with animation clients and even IT support even if you are a sole freelance animator. Building deeper customer relationships through collaboration ensures that your projects are executed to the full satisfaction of your animation clients.

  • Organisational skills

Maintaining priorities when juggling multiple projects and tasks requires discipline and organisational abilities. Many animators frequently undervalue the value of having a solid organisational system, not realising how much simpler it can make managing the day-to-day responsibilities of animation. Similar to time management, developing organisational skills as an animator is essential to boosting output and customer satisfaction.

Career Options for Digital Animation Graduates

The following is a list of potential career paths for you to consider:

  • 2D Animator
  • 3D Animator
  • Art Director
  • Rigging Artist
  • Concept Artist

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General Pathway to Study Digital Animation in Malaysia

Step 1

After SPM/O-Level, you are required to complete Foundation in Arts, Diploma in Digital Animation or equivalent, or other Pre-University course such as STPM or A-Level.

Step 2

Continue to study for a Degree in Digital Animation. You can choose to continue your studies with a master’s degree in Digital Animation, or you can choose to work after completing your degree study.

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General Requirements to Study Digital Animation in Malaysia

Academic Requirement

Foundation in Arts (1 year) / Diploma in Digital Animation  (2 – 2.5 years)

  • SPM/O-Level: Minimum get 3Cs

Degree in Digital Animation (3 years)

  • STPM: Get Grade C in 2 subjects; or
  • A-Level: Get passes 2 subjects; or
  • UEC: Minimum 5Bs; or
  • Australian Matriculation: Average of 60%; or
  • Foundation in Arts: Minimum CGPA 2.00; or
  • Diploma in Digital Animation: Minimum CGPA 2.00

Language Requirement


Band score of 4 (Malaysian students)


Overall band score of 5.5


Overall score of 46



Note: Universities may have different requirements. To learn more, get in touch with us!

Recommended Universities to Study Digital Animation in Malaysia

When it comes to selecting the best university to pursue your dream, it can be a difficult decision. Below is a suggestion we prepared for you on where you can pursue a Digital Animation program in Malaysia:

#1 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Programmed Offered

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation

Total Duration

3 years

General Intake

Mar, July & Sept

Indicative Fees (2023)

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For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

#2 INTI International College Subang

Programmed Offered

Diploma in Digital Media Design

Total Duration

2.5 years

General Intake

Jan, Apr & Aug

Indicative Fees (2023)

Contact us

For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

#3 Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Programmed Offered

Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Creative Media

Total Duration

3 years

General Intake

Jan, Mar & Aug

Indicative Fees (2023)

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For more information regarding the fees, program structure and entry requirements, contact us now for free consultation!

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